10 days old already

17 07 2010

Please meet Oliver

Oliver - born 7/7/10 - 6.2lbs

Our little one decided that he wanted to come out and play a little earlier than planned and was born 10 days ago on July 7. Labor went well and 2 days later we went home together. Life since then is a blur consisting of lots and lots of nursing and very little sleep but we’re managing as best we can and days are much easier than nights!

As you can expect, I’ll probably wont be around these parts much for a while. Hopefully in a couple months when things have settled down a bit.

In the mean time, have a wonderful summer everyone!

2 month catch up

30 05 2010

I don’t know if anyone is still visiting here, but if you are, thanks for sticking around! Let’s see, since I last was around these parts I’ve done quite a bit. My energy levels went back up for a little while so I finally got around to catching up with some of my projects.

I’ve done some sewing: finishing some box bags that had been half done for a long time and reopening the Etsy shop, making a Scottie Dog for the baby

Misshapen little Scottie - the nicer side

and finally making covers for couch cushions we bought a year ago.

New cushion covers - front

I also cast on for another pair of socks: a pair of Sunday Swing socks out of some variegated Yarntini [Ravelry details]. It was due time for another pair of pink socks!

Sock  in Progress

I’m also making good progress on my Ursa cardigan. I finally finished the back and am now ready for finishing up the fronts. After that, just a collar and sewing up will be left!

Lu, back done, time to finish the fronts

I’m really looking forward to finishing the cardigan so that I can start on some knitting projects for the baby! I got this awesome green Cascade 128 to make a little cardi.

Cascade 128 - Apple Green

DH got me these 4 skeins of Knitpicks Stroll Tonal with which I plan to make some pants, cardi and hat set also.

Knitpicks Stroll Tonal Golden Glow

I’m being realistic though and don’t know how much I’ll get done before the baby’s born. I’m due in 8 weeks, it’s getting there fast! I also want to sew a quilt, make a bunting and a mobile… Yikes! Thankfully I’ve only a few weeks left at work and then I’ll get to do more of the crafty stuff! Wish me luck!

Fancy neckwear

5 04 2010

Now that I’m knitting again I’ve set myself the goal of finishing the 2 FOs I had. One was Little Colonnade and the other the Ursa cardigan. A couple weeks ago, after working on it for a few days I finished the first project, Little Colonnade. It went really fast and now I have a nice new shawl to wear!

I wanted to post this earlier but I was waiting for a photo shoot with DH. Finally this weekend we were both available and the weather was nice so it was time for some photos!

Here’s a nice shot from the back:

Little Colonnade - back

and worn as a cowl:

Little Colonnade

and a bonus shot:

Little Colonnade

It took me 5 months from beginning to end although probably closer to 3 or 4 weeks of knitting time. I used the Zauberball that I’d gotten at Stitches East last fall. I was concerned that it might be a bit itchy but after a good soak it turned out pretty soft. [Rav details]

Now that the cowl is done I’ve been knitting almost exclusively on my cardigan. It’s slow going but I’m still making good progress. So far the sizing looks great but my only concern is that I just might run out of yarn… Just as a heads up, check your stashes for some Cascade 220 in colorway 9422 (Tibetan Rose). I’ve also cast on for a pair of socks (of course) but am keeping it as a travel project.

This next neckwear was not made by me but by the uber talented Maritza of Soto Softies. She’s expecting a little boy in a few weeks and made up the cutest bibs for her baby. She also made a few extra ones to give to other pregnant ladies and I ended up being one of the lucky ones!

Check these bibs out!

Squee! Bibs from Maritza!

Aren’t they the cutest thing ever? I can’t imagine getting these lovelies dirty, but I expect they’ll catch a lot of drool soon enough. Thank you Maritza!

Knitting again!

14 03 2010

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments last week. I loved reading all of them, you guys are so very sweet. And thanks for hanging on when this blog was so very quiet. Energy’s back, the new house is getting better organized every day and I’m actually knitting and sewing again!

I had no idea how much I missed knitting and sewing until I finally was able to do it again. I caught up with my quilting bee blocks, finished my first baby knit and even finished a pair of socks! I also started working on my shawl again, figuring it out where I’d left off so many weeks/months ago and knit a row. Yeah, I know, just one row, but that was quite the accomplishment : )

So about a week ago I finished a cute little vest for the baby. I really wanted to try Pebble as I thought it looked like something that I could manage easily and would still look cute. I wanted to avoid buttons so I knit in the round and did a 2-needle bind off on the shoulders. I had this one skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the stash so decided it would be perfect for this little project.

Red Pebble

I don’t really know when this will fit exactly but I expect it will fit someday! After knitting the vest I still have plenty of yarn leftover, so I’ll knit a pair of legwarmers and maybe a hat.

Yesterday I finished another project that had been on the needles since November, my first pair of socks of the year. And it was perfect timing because I killed my first pair of socks the day of our move. Close your eyes if you get shocked easily…

Hole in my only Yarntini self-striping socks!

One big gaping hole in my Yarntini self-striping socks : ( . I knit these socks in the summer of 2007 so I can say they’ve had a good life. The color had faded quite a bit but they were still lovely. They will be missed. But at least I can replace them by another pair of self-striping socks (with nylon this time) which should last me another many more years.

A finished pair of socks!

These socks were knit toe up, short-row heel with a stockinette foot and 3×3 ribbed leg. So now I don’t have any socks on the needles! Time to wind some yarn and find an easy pattern. Any suggestions for an easy, mindless pattern?

Where to begin?

5 03 2010

Let’s see. I’ve been gone from this blog for 4 months already. It does feel like it’s been forever and I hope some of my readers are still out there! I know at least one of you is, thank you Becky for inquiring after me, that was very, very sweet of you.

The biggest news is this:

Guess what!

and it’s also the reason why I’ve completely disappeared and have barely knit or sewed a stitch in the last 4 months. It might not look like much in the photo but from where I’m sitting, it’s pretty impressive! I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow and it we just found out last Friday that it’s a boy! The first three months I could barely drag myself to work, let alone do anything else. Things are starting to turn up and I feel more like myself energy-wise.  I’ve had to switch to maternity pants already and it sure makes a difference. Also, I’m awfully thankful for extra long tanks and shirts from Target.

To add to the tiredness we just moved 2 weeks ago into a bigger place. There’s still a lot of boxes everywhere but slowly everything is getting put away. I still have all of these to deal with:

4 boxes full of fabric

That’s 4 totes full of fabric. And so you get a better idea, I only had 2 totes worth of yarn. Which were put away the first weekend. The only reason I haven’t put it all away yet is that I ‘d like to reorganize the whole fabric stash and can’t quite work up the energy to start the process.

I do plan to start sewing again as soon as my office/sewing area is settled again and I can’t wait! I’ve been knitting a tiny bit here and there and I will show you that on my next post. Yes, I hope to start blogging more regularly again, at least until the baby comes!

Stitches Update

9 11 2009

Stitches has been over for what, 3 weeks already and I’m just getting around to doing a recap post. Sorry ’bout that, things are pretty crazy around here. No swine flu here, not even the regular flu, just a lot of work and not a lot of free time. But tonight I have some time, so, yay!

Stitches was fun, I even got to see some of you, although I did miss a few of you too as I left early. The yarn4socks booth was quite nice I thought but since photography wasn’t allowed I didn’t take any pictures of the booth. I did sneak quick camera phone pictures of my box bags before the marketplace opened though. They’re not very good but they’ll have to do.

I didn’t have a lot of room on the table so had to keep most of the box bags folded in a basket as you can see below:


I didn’t sell as much as I was hoping but did sell quite a few. The remaining bags are going to several shops so it wasn’t a waste at all. (if you’re interested 20 bags are going up at yarn4socks at this Sunday’s update)

I didn’t go crazy with the purchases and only bought 2 things:

Stitches East purchases

I hadn’t had a chance to see Jared Flood’s new book yet but I knew I wanted to make the vest on the cover. I was also attracted to the colors in the Zauberball and just had to bring one home with me. I knew I wasn’t going to knit socks with it but I knew that it would be perfect for a pattern I had just purchased, Little Colonnade by Stephen West, which you saw last week.

On a side note about Stitches: Did you know that the first thing I noticed the first time I walked onto the Marketplace was the full rows of Socks that Rocks at the Webs booth. I couldn’t believe it but I later found out that Webs is now going to be carrying STR, not online though but only in their store. What I thought was ironic was that the previous weekend, people were lining up for hours at the STR booth at Rhinebeck to get a skein of STR (I probably would have too, if I’d gone) and it was available right there a few days later, without any queuing involved. So if you’re in the market for STR, make a little trip to Webs, you’ll be able to buy all you want!

Stitches East is going to be in Hartford for the next 2 years so I’m sure I’ll get a chance to go next year! Maybe I’ll buy more yarn! : )

Reds & Oranges

4 11 2009

After Purple, come the Reds and Oranges.

Reds and Oranges

On the left are a pair (well, not quite a pair) of sleeves for my Ursa cardigan. Now that I don’t have any deadline knitting anymore I’ve decided to work mostly on my cardigan so that I could maybe have it done by Christmas. I don’t think that will happen but you never know, and it is good to have goals! I’m really looking forward to starting the body of the cardigan.

The other project is Little Colonnade by Stephen West knit in the Zauberball I bought at Stitches East (I just realized I never showed you what I got at Stitches!). I’m about 2/3 of the way on the stockinette section and the rows are getting long!

I only have these 2 projects on the needles, no socks at all. I will be traveling in a few days so will definitely need to cast on for a pair before I leave. Any suggestions for cool sock patterns appropriate for traveling?


1 11 2009

For some reason, I’ve never been a big fan of purple. I don’ t know why but somehow, my last 3 FO’s are purple. How did that happen?


First there was the Kensington Cowl knit in Araucania Coliumo Solid in Purple. [Ravelry details]

Then there was the Felicity Hat knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino in Wisteria [Ravelry details]

Lastly, the Tessarae Socks knit in Madelinetosh Sock in Black Currant [Ravelry details]

I also bought myself a purple hobo handbag from Target

Even better, purple is one of the trendy colors for winter 09 so I guess I’ll be quite fashionable this winter!

BTW, I love my Felicity Hat. It’s the perfect hat. It knits up quick and I could see having one in every color!

Playing catch up

22 10 2009

Spare time has been scarce lately getting things ready for Stitches East. Hopefully, after the weekend I’ll have more time again!

I really should be getting ready to leave but I really wanted to leave you with a few pretty pictures of a few pretty piles in my life.

Piles of knits

Pile of knits

These are all samples that will be hanging around the booth at Stitches East

Pile of bags

Pile of bags

I don’t know how many bags I ended up making for the show, but here are most of them. I hope they do well and find new homes!

Piles of fabric

Pile of fabrics

All these fabrics were waiting to be put away although some still need to get prewashed. I love seeing all these pretty fabrics together.

Piles of vegetables

CSA Week 19 - only one more week left!

I’ve only got one more week of CSA and then it’s over. I’ll be sad not to have all these fresh vegetables, but in a way it will be nice not to have to cook as much!

If you’re going to Stitches East, come visit me at booth 418, I’d love to see you!

WIP Wednesday

14 10 2009

It’s not vacation time anymore,  it’s time for some knitting!

My knitting time has seriously been reduced these past months, it seems that most of my free time I’m sewing box bags lately. Thankfully, Stitches East is next week and after that I’ll be done with this particular rush.

I have been knitting for Stitches East as well, so what you see today are items that I hope to have done by next Thursday!

First up are my Tessarae Socks:

Tessarae socks

I only needed one sock for Stitches so I’m all set with that. I will be bringing sock #2 along in case there’s some downtime.

Up next, my Lu Vest:


This one is 99% done, I really just need to weave in the 6 ends, and then I’ll be done. Maybe I’ll be able to get some good FO shots this weekend!

Last but not least, my only real WIP:

2 thirds done with the cowl

This is Carol’s Kensington Cowl. I am about 2/3 done and I hope to get another few rows done tonight. I definitely should have this done in time for Stitches. It wasn’t until I took this photo that I noticed the difference in the 2 skeins I’ve used so far. I’m hoping that since I hadn’t noticed until then I won’t notice it anymore.

If you’re in New England, I really hope to see you there!