21 05 2007

I finished spinning the Hello Yarn BFL in Slideshow over the weekend and on Sunday morning I plyed/plied? the two bobbins together.

I wanted to take pictures of the singles but I forgot, so here’s a shot of it on the bobbin after plying.


The yarn is mostly red with short areas of color; green and grey mostly. I’m getting better at getting an evenly spun single, although it is far from perfect yet!



This time I got about 240 yds out of 4oz so definitely enough to make something.

I plyed together some of the Aqua and Brown and some of the Slideshow that I had leftover and this is what it looks like:



There’s about 16 yds of this gorgeous aqua and red combo. I really love it! I need to find some rovings in those colors and ply them together. That would be really pretty.

Yesterday evening I started working on the Still River Mill Mystery Bump that I got at the Connecticut Wool and Sheep festival. It’s got Merino in it (I think) so I was afraid that I would have a hard time at it. But whatever else is with the Merino compensates. The single is very hairy and not very soft. So I’m not sure what I could do with the yarn I’ll get from it. Any suggestions? I’m thinking that maybe I should ply it with a solid BFL, that might soften up the yarn and tame the crazy color changes of the Mystery Bump.


I’m really enjoying spinning and am really glad I did get a wheel. Now I’m thinking of buying a wheel I can travel with easily and owning another wheel with bigger bobbins…

Knitting content in a couple of days.