Spinning Monday

11 06 2007

I haven’t been spinning at all since last Monday. Been pretty busy knitting socks and my Fitted Tank. The Tank is done as of today and two socks need a heel. But since I said I would show you spinning on Mondays I will. Wouldn’t do go to stop on the second week already!

Here’s what is currently on the bobbins:


On the left is pink merino and on the right is the purple Ashland Bay wool top. I was told that Merino wasn’t that much harder to spin so I decided that I’d give it a try. I haven’t had much success with it so far so I only have this done:


and this much of the other:


I will be 3 plying these two with this:


Hopefully it wont look too bad! : )

I need to give another try to the Merino, I think that I need to predraft it even more than I already have, maybe that will help me a bit. Now that the Tank is done I’ll be able to get some spinning done this week and hopefully will have something more to show next Monday.


Other people have started a Spinning/Handspun Monday, check it out! Maybe we need a button!




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