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25 09 2007

I wouldn’t want all of you to think I’ve stopped knitting socks with all this lace yarn I’ve been showing you lately, so here’s a quick update on the socks I’ve been working on lately.

I finished my first pair of Monkey socks. Sadly, they’re not for me but for my Monkey Sock Swap pal.

Monkey socks

Sock #1 was knit between August 26 and September 10 2007. Sock #2 was knit between September 10 and September 20 2007.
Yarn: ShiBuiKnits Sock in Mulberry from yarn4socks
Pattern:Monkey socks by Cookie A.
Mods: I knit a picot cuff instead of the twisted rib cuff and used a short-row heel instead of a heel flap

I enjoyed knitting this pattern. The chart was easy and although I kept checking it I’m sure I could do it from memory now. I don’t usually knit the same pattern twice (except for my stockinette socks) but I just might knit this one again for myself.

Another shot just for fun

Monkey detail

I’ve also knit quite a bit on my Vesper Strange Little Mama sock. I’m almost to the toe now. It’s my mindless sock, so I don’t work on it every day, only when I’m away from home. I do have to get it finished and start the other sock by the end of next week so I can work on it while in Disney in 2 weeks.

Almost only a toe left

I started a more difficult sock this weekend. I joined the Firestarter Sock-A-Long started by Peaknit (See her September 15 post for how to join).


The pattern is beautiful with lots of traveling stitches along the sides and a cool toe-up gusset construction that I wanted to try out. The traveling stitches really kicked my butt at the beginning as I’d never done any before. I had a hard time figuring out if what to do at first and then if what I was doing was even remotely correct. DH did his best to stay out of my way while I was running from the living room, where I was knitting and pulling my hair trying to figure things out, to the office where I was looking up info and staring at pictures of other Firestarters to see if what I was doing was right. Now all is under control and am proud to say that I can cable without a cable needle. That skill will come in handy when I go back to my Snicket socks.

Also, my row gauge is slightly different than the recommended gauge. I did some math and hopefully I started the gusset increases in the right spot and the sock won’t be too short or too long. I should know by tomorrow (crossing fingers).

Firestarter socks

The yarn is Phoenix Fiberworks Fetish Superwash in the color Nymph. Tina will be the October Artist of the Month at yarn4socks and will be available then if you’re interested! : )




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