Back to our regular sock postings

30 10 2007

I’m sure you missed seeing socks around here. It’s been at least 3 posts without them! : )

So here is the latest sock news:

1 FO

Strange Little Mama socks

The first sock was knit in September, the second in October and finished on my Disney trip to Orlando.
Yarn: Vesper Strange Little Mama by Knittlerly Things in 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon
Pattern: Top-down with picot cuff and short-row heel

1/2 an FO

Charade sock #1

Half a pair of Charade socks from I may be knitting a ranch house. The yarn is H.L.Miller Merino Monkey in Rich Earth that will be available as our November Artist of the Month at yarn4socks

I really enjoyed working with the yarn. It’s very soft and easy to knit. I love how the colors spiraled perfectly around the foot and the leg. Crossing my fingers that the same happens with sock #2. The pattern is awesome. Almost as easy as stockinette but more interesting… I just might make more of these!

2/3 an FO

2 Snicket socks

Remember my Snicket sock without a heel turn? I just couldn’t stand it and ripped the whole foot back to the heel flap. So now I have two socks that need a foot! I should be done with sock #2 within the next couple days and then I can go back and finish up sock #1 again.

1/8 an FO

Elegance socks - October Sockamania KAL

My other sock on the needles is an Elegance sock for the Sockamania KAL. I started it on my way back from Disney and haven’t had much time to work on it. Now that the Charade sock is done though, it will be my on the go project. The yarn I’m using is Lime n Violet Sasquatch Superwash merino in the color Tinker.


Move along, there’s no knitting to see here!

25 10 2007

Yup! No knitting at all! Are you surprised? Actually, there has been lots of knitting, but you wont see it today! : )

Coming back from Rhinebeck and the purchase of beautiful fibers led me to cleaning out some of my bobbins.

I still had some Ashland Bay Trading Co. colonial combed wool top on a bobbin, Still River Mill Mystery Bump on another and 100% merino top from From Mielke’s Farm Fiber Arts on yet another bobbin.

I decided to 2 ply together the Ashland Bay and the Still River Mill and this is what I got

Cleaning out the bobbinsCleaning out the bobbins

I also plied together leftover Ashland Bay with the Mielke’s Farm

Cleaning out the bobbinsCleaning out the bobbins

Cleaning out the bobbins

I got about 172 yds of a lace to fingering weight yarn out of the top skein and about 98 yds of fingering to DK out of the bottom skein.

Yesterday I also did something unusual. I got my sewing machine out. I’d been wanting to try sewing again and decided to make myself an Artsy Clutch from the book Bend the Rules Sewing. To practice, I used some stash fabric and this is what I came up with

Artsy Clutch

The finished product is far from perfect but it was fun to do and it is quite usable even if it is on the small size. The next one I do I’ll up the sizing to double the finished size I think. I also didn’t use any facing as I really wanted to make it easy for the first time around. But next time for sure. I definitely see more sewing in my future!

I’ll have some knitting content in my next post..

The Haul

23 10 2007

I promised some details about my few purchases from Rhinebeck, so here it comes!

When I arrived at Rhinebeck I made a beeline for The Fold booth. I looked and looked some more and picked one (possibly Downpour) skein and went in line. After a few minutes of waiting I decided that I really didn’t need another skein of sock yarn… So I put it back and left. I still don’t think I regret that decision… Crazy, I know.

After this first non-purchase I made my first real one. Alyson and I both bought the same fiber batt from Crosspatch Creations

Crosspatch Creations - Signature blend

Crosspatch Creations - Signature blend

The 4oz batt is their Signature blend with wool, tussah silk, viscose, cut bombyx silk and silk noil in the color Lady Slipper.

Next we met Dani from Sunshine Yarns. She was giving out samples of her yarns and I got this loveliness:

Sunshine Yarns Sample

It’s her Twist yarn in the Black Lake colorway. There are 195 yds in the skein, enough for a short pair of socks!

At the blogger meet up, this guy was handing out vintage patterns. He gave me a copy of a Needle & Thread magazine from 1981. This particular magazine has nothing to do about knitting, though, only sewing. But, when I looked at it after I got home I found this cutie:

Sheep Knitting Herself

Later I made my first purchase ever from Brooks Farm. I think that they’ve been at every sheep & wool festivals I’ve been to but I never bought from them. I found in a sale bin this already wound up skein of Primero

Brooks Farm Primero

Primero is 100% Kid Mohair and comes in 500yds skein. I didn’t think I’d ever buy something 100% mohair but I did, now I have to find something to knit with it.

Earlier during the day we’d been in the Persimmon Tree Farm booth and some spinning fibers had caught my eyes. I didn’t purchase any then but at the end of the day I went back and got some of this:

Persimmom Tree Farm roving

Persimmom Tree Farm roving

Sadly, I didn’t make a note of either the color name or the blend of these fibers.

So that’s it, that’s all I got! I think that it is much less than I got last year, but then again, I don’t really remember what I bought last year.


22 10 2007

Rhinebeck was a lot of fun this year. I did a few fun purchases but I mostly enjoyed spending time with some very fun people.

I met up with Alyson and Adelle.

Alyson, Me and Adelle

Met Dani from Sunshine Yarns (click on link for photo).

Met Anne from Knitspot (sorry no photo)

Met Carrie from Funky Carolina and Michelle from the Sweet Sheep

Ravelry Party at Riccardi's Hideaway

Photo from the Ravelry party at Riccardi’s Hideaway. You can see from left: Carrie, Michelle, Adelle, Jess, myself and Alyson

There I also met Tina from Phoenix Fiberworks. See photo here. Tina, Alyson and I share the same birthday… Isn’t that cool?!!


Rhinbeck Loot

Here’s the loot. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for some descriptions… If you’re really curious you can get a peek here!

Rhinebeck, here I come!

19 10 2007

If you want to find me at Rhinebeck, this is what you should be looking for:

What to look for at Rhinebeck

I’ll be there all day and at the Morehouse and Ravelry parties afterwards. See you there!


For everyone wondering about my trip to Disney…

In one word: Awesome!

The weather was gorgeous, the rides were fun, the waits not too long (taking advantage of Single Rider lines and Fastpasses), the food was great (Food & Wine Festival at Epcot). Got to knit a bit while waiting in line. I have to say that I didn’t see anyone else knitting during my entire stay.

Knitting at the car Stunt show

Met up with Alyson and Travis twice for supper and some mini-golfing. You can check out her post about it here.

If you’re interested you can check out some of my Disney photos here.

Time to go to Disney!

9 10 2007

I’m going to Disney!

Tomorrow DH and I fly down to Orlando Florida for some Disney time. I’ve never been to Disney so it will be a new experience for me. We’ll be doing the parks, going to see Cirque du Soleil (the best show ever) and meeting up with Alyson.

I look forward to having fun on the rides and to getting a bit more sun and warmth before winter starts.

I’ll be working on the following socks (which I will be wearing in Rhinebeck in 2 weekends!)

Strange Little Mama socks

They’re just past the heel so in a perfect spot for airport and plane knitting.

I don’t know how much knitting time I’ll actually have while in Disney but I have a second project for when the Rhinebeck socks are done.

Future Elegance socks

The Elegance sock pattern for the Sockamania KAL.

I’m thinking of also bringing my Snicket socks

Snicket socks

I just realized that when I did the heel on the first sock I forgot a very important thing. I forgot to do the heel turn… The sock looks a little strange but fits just fine. So I’m debating whether I should just do the second one the same way or not. I’ll call in my own unvention! lol!

Now time for one last errand and finish packing before heading out to Boston!

Welcome Socktoberfest

1 10 2007

Today is the first day of Socktoberfest. Of course I had to join! Although, as you might have noticed, it’s been Socktoberfest here at Knitting in Pink since June. My last non-sock FO was the Fitted Tank that I finished June 11. I then started the Razor Cami but that one never made it past a few inches. Since then it’s been socks, socks and more socks. I really hope I’m not boring you all to death.

But this month is Socktoberfest so I have no excuse to knit anything but socks. So I hope you’ll bear with my socks a little while longer.

This month, I’d like to knit the mate to the following 3 socks: Snicket, Firestarter and Strange Little Mama.

3 single socks

If you remember, I finished my first Snicket sock back in August.

Snicket sock #1

Last night I finished my first Strange Little Mama with picot cuff.

Strange Little Mama sock #1

And this morning I finished my Firestarter sock.

Firestarter sock #1

So now I’m stuck with this!

3 feet - 3 singles socks

Oh no! I have a third foot!

Should I:

Complete each pair one after the other? And if so, which should I start with?
Cast on for all 3 and work on each at the same time?
Cast on for an entirely new sock? If so, do you have a suggestion for me?

Single socks for Socktober