The Haul

23 10 2007

I promised some details about my few purchases from Rhinebeck, so here it comes!

When I arrived at Rhinebeck I made a beeline for The Fold booth. I looked and looked some more and picked one (possibly Downpour) skein and went in line. After a few minutes of waiting I decided that I really didn’t need another skein of sock yarn… So I put it back and left. I still don’t think I regret that decision… Crazy, I know.

After this first non-purchase I made my first real one. Alyson and I both bought the same fiber batt from Crosspatch Creations

Crosspatch Creations - Signature blend

Crosspatch Creations - Signature blend

The 4oz batt is their Signature blend with wool, tussah silk, viscose, cut bombyx silk and silk noil in the color Lady Slipper.

Next we met Dani from Sunshine Yarns. She was giving out samples of her yarns and I got this loveliness:

Sunshine Yarns Sample

It’s her Twist yarn in the Black Lake colorway. There are 195 yds in the skein, enough for a short pair of socks!

At the blogger meet up, this guy was handing out vintage patterns. He gave me a copy of a Needle & Thread magazine from 1981. This particular magazine has nothing to do about knitting, though, only sewing. But, when I looked at it after I got home I found this cutie:

Sheep Knitting Herself

Later I made my first purchase ever from Brooks Farm. I think that they’ve been at every sheep & wool festivals I’ve been to but I never bought from them. I found in a sale bin this already wound up skein of Primero

Brooks Farm Primero

Primero is 100% Kid Mohair and comes in 500yds skein. I didn’t think I’d ever buy something 100% mohair but I did, now I have to find something to knit with it.

Earlier during the day we’d been in the Persimmon Tree Farm booth and some spinning fibers had caught my eyes. I didn’t purchase any then but at the end of the day I went back and got some of this:

Persimmom Tree Farm roving

Persimmom Tree Farm roving

Sadly, I didn’t make a note of either the color name or the blend of these fibers.

So that’s it, that’s all I got! I think that it is much less than I got last year, but then again, I don’t really remember what I bought last year.




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