Move along, there’s no knitting to see here!

25 10 2007

Yup! No knitting at all! Are you surprised? Actually, there has been lots of knitting, but you wont see it today! : )

Coming back from Rhinebeck and the purchase of beautiful fibers led me to cleaning out some of my bobbins.

I still had some Ashland Bay Trading Co. colonial combed wool top on a bobbin, Still River Mill Mystery Bump on another and 100% merino top from From Mielke’s Farm Fiber Arts on yet another bobbin.

I decided to 2 ply together the Ashland Bay and the Still River Mill and this is what I got

Cleaning out the bobbinsCleaning out the bobbins

I also plied together leftover Ashland Bay with the Mielke’s Farm

Cleaning out the bobbinsCleaning out the bobbins

Cleaning out the bobbins

I got about 172 yds of a lace to fingering weight yarn out of the top skein and about 98 yds of fingering to DK out of the bottom skein.

Yesterday I also did something unusual. I got my sewing machine out. I’d been wanting to try sewing again and decided to make myself an Artsy Clutch from the book Bend the Rules Sewing. To practice, I used some stash fabric and this is what I came up with

Artsy Clutch

The finished product is far from perfect but it was fun to do and it is quite usable even if it is on the small size. The next one I do I’ll up the sizing to double the finished size I think. I also didn’t use any facing as I really wanted to make it easy for the first time around. But next time for sure. I definitely see more sewing in my future!

I’ll have some knitting content in my next post..




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