What’s that?

1 11 2007

It’s definitely not sock yarn and these are definitely not sock needles


Why would I knit a gauge swatch for socks?

Gauge swatch

I really don’t understand what I could be knitting that isn’t a sock

What it should look like when I'm done

A sweater? Really?

Tree Jacket by Zephyr

Now that’s crazy talk!

In honor of NaKniSweMo I decided that I’d try casting on something else than a pair of socks for once. I’m not saying I won’t be knitting any (I’m a foot away from a pair of Snickets and 2 socks away from having a pair of Charades and Firestarters…) but I’ll definitely try to work on the sweater as much as possible. Now I just have to figure out if the yarn I picked (Karabella Aurora 8) will work. I know that it should because a few others have knit this sweater out of it, but I’ve yet to know if it will work for me. (My swatch is set to dry as we speak, more details later)



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