YPF – Silver bells

30 11 2007

2 weeks ago, I fell in love with something I saw over at Lotus Knits‘ blog. She’d just had a contest and the winner had won a skein of her Aura sock yarn in the “Walking with a Ghost” colorway. She’d also mentioned that she would post more of this yarn on her etsy shop that evening.
After a brief exchange through her blog and email, she listed a skein of that yarn especially for me and a few days later it made its way to me.

By now I bet you’re wondering why I fell in love with the yarn, right? Well, first of all, Aura is a blend of Merino, Silk, Nylon and … wait for it … Silver strands. Furthermore, this particular colorway was silver colored so it was just beautiful!

You want to know what it looks like now, don’t you? (Make sure to click on the pictures so you can see them bigger)

Lotus Yarns Aura - Walking with a Ghost

You can see the shiny thread better on this one

Can you see the shimmering of the silver thread?

The yarn is super soft and the color is just gorgeous. I’ve been thinking that I should make a pair of Snowflake Lace socks with the yarn. That would be a quite appropriate match I think. Now if I could only knit them in time for Christmas…




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