2007 recap

31 12 2007

Let’s rewind a bit to December 29, 2006.

These were my goals for 2007:

1. I will knit at least one pair of socks a month – I did knit at least a pair a month. I even knit 17 pairs plus 3 single socks

Socks of 2007

2. I will learn to Fair-Isle. To start I will make the Fake Isle hat from MagKnits – I knit both the Fake Isle hat and the Center Square hat

3. I will knit myself some lace, starting with Bejeweled and working myself up to something more difficult – I did knit Bejeweled and have just started a slightly more difficult lace pattern with the Comfort Shawl

4. I will knit myself a sweater, perhaps starting with Klaralund, perhaps starting with the Hourglass sweater – I did not knit Klaralund but did knit the Hourglass Sweater. I also knit the now unwearable Fitted Tank. I have started another sweater, the Tree Jacket from ZephyrStyle

Non Sock FOs of 2007

5. I also want to knit gloves, mittens and wrist-warmers – I did not knit any

6. I will find patterns for the less than 100yds balls of yarn in the stash – I did not

Tomorrow, my goals for 2008

ETA: List of 2007 Finished objects so I can clean out my side-bar and start anew.

* 80’s Punk Socks
* Austermann Step socks
* Bejeweled Scarf
* Calorimetry #1
* Center Square
* Child’s First Socks
* Dream Swatch scarf
* Dublin Bay socks
* Elegance Socks
* Fake Isle Hat
* Fitted Tank
* Garterlac Dishcloth
* Hourglass Sweater
* Lemonade Stand socks
* Madder Ribbed Socks
* MDK Felted Box #2
* Monkey socks
* River Valley Socks
* Serpentine socks
* Siren socks
* Snicket socks
* Sockapalooza socks
* Spiraling socks
* Strange Little Mama socks
* Wing socks
* Yarntini Home socks




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