Etsy Friday

25 01 2008

Following what I believe were 2 sleepless nights and some time spent on etsy (what a dangerous thing to do), 2 packages made their way to my post office.

After the first sleepless night one package came from Starlit Nest and had an assortment of fat quarters from Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry and Alexander Henry.

Fabrics from starlitnest on etsy

After the second sleepless night I received another package, this one from Lucky Kaeru Fabric & Supplies. I had been wanting to get my hands on some of the Damask from Etsuko Furuya’s new collection and bought half a yard of it. While I was there I got my hands on a yard of Alexander Henry’s pears and apples fabric and a set of 3 fat quarters of Robert Kaufman’s owl fabric.

Fabrics from luckykaerufabric on etsy

Both shipments were super fast and I received them 2 days I think after purchase. I would definitely buy from them again. Of course, I don’t know enough about these fabrics to know if what I paid was right but it seemed like the everyone selling fabric on etsy has about the same prices.

I also purchased a few weeks ago from my future LYS (also fabric store) a 1 yard each of 3 Amy Butler fabrics.

Amy Butler fabrics

I’m really looking forward to be able to set up a sewing machine more permanently in my new apartment. It will definitely make it easier for me to sew and I’ll be able to spend more time at it and use up some of these beautiful fabrics I have. Also, I have to rationalize my dream of purchasing one of these beauties!

Lots of new fabrics

See you all on the flip side of the move!

Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself…

23 01 2008

I just loved that one too much!

funny pictures

moar funny pictures

Belated – My first FO of the year

23 01 2008

A couple weeks ago I finished my first pair of socks of the year. It’s a pair of Charade socks I started back in October.

Finished Charades

The yarn I used is HL Miller Merino Monkey in the colorway Rich Earth. I loved how the yarn striped so regularly and I was even more thrilled that the second sock behaved exactly like the first one. The yarn was super soft and pleasant to knit with. The pattern was fun too, just enough complication for interest and still as pleasant and mindless as stockinette.

Sock #1 was knit in October 2007. Sock #2 was cast on on Christmas Day and finished in January 2008.
Yarn: HL Miller Merino Monkey in Rich Earth
Pattern: Charade socks by Sandra Park
Mods: My usual toe-up short-row heel Magic Loop on 2.5mm needle.

Soon to be done: Sock #1 of the New Year sock from Sockamania and sock#1 of Snowflake Lace sock. I’m on the leg of both of them so a few more inches of both and I’ll be binding off.

I’m hoping to post once more before the move. After that it will all depend on how fast Comcast gets the cable internet connected!

Spinning Monday

21 01 2008

In the last couple of weeks I was inspired to start spinning again. I saw such beautifulness being spun up that I knew I just had to start spinning some of my stash. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to get me to reach my spinning goal for this month.

Over the last few days I finished spinning some roving from Perchance to Knit that I had started spinning last June. You can see it here the first bobbin

Truer colors

and after spinning up both bobbins

Perchance to Knit all spun up

The roving was dyed in big chunks of silver, yellow, orange and brown. I just loved the retro look of these colors together.

 The singles were plied together and have already gotten their bath and the yarn is all ready for a photo shoot. Sadly, you’re just going to have to wait since the yarn was packed away* and I wont be able to take a picture of it until next week.

 Until then I’ll just show you the yarn I spun up right after finishing spinning the yarn above.

Piece of Vermont BFL Walzting Matilda

This is 4oz of BFL from A Piece of Vermont in the color Waltzing Matilda.

Ever since I started spinning I’ve been spinning this really thin yarn and this time I wanted to try something a bit different by trying to get a thicker yarn. In a couple of hours I had spun up a very pretty thick and thin yarn pretty much like I wanted.

Piece of Vermont BFL

This is it, all spun up.

And plied.

Pink chunky goodness

This skein is aproximately 86 yards of mostly chunky yarn with some thinner spots. I’m really liking the bounciness of the yarn. Also, it is super soft and I’m sure I could knit a nice hat or neck warmer with it.

 I’m thrilled to be spinning again and I hope to be able to keep on spinning like this every month. Also, I’d really like to teach myself to Navajo ply so that’s up next on my spinning agenda.

If you look to the right of this column, under the calendar, there is a page named: “Currently Spinning”. There you’ll find more info about the yarns I spun up.


* Next weekend we’ll be moving out of our current appartment and moving to a bigger place closer to Boston. I packed all my yarn away this morning and the boxes have been moved to a storage unit awaiting the big move. I realised only once the box was gone that I hadn’t taken a picture of my yarn! We’ve already moved out a lot of stuff but there’s still tons to do! Guess what I’ll be doing this Martin Luther King Day!

From Your Stash Sock Club

16 01 2008

A few days ago I promised I would talk to you about this really cool sock club I joined, so I guess it’s time I shared with you all!

It all started a few months ago when I first heard about Zen Yarn Garden’s Harmony Semi-Solid Sock Club. Like several of you I am now more a fan of semi-solid yarns than variegated yarns so I thought this would be a really fun sock club to join. Sadly, it was a bit too expensive for me and I wasn’t able to sign up. I put it on my Christmas wish list hoping Santa would get it for me but Christmas came and left without it.

STR Lenore

So I started thinking, I have a bunch of semi-solid sock yarns in my stash, why don’t I do my own club? I’d definitely be saving money and I’d actually be using yarn from the stash, not adding to it! Around New Year’s I went through my stash and found all my semi-solids. Since there weren’t 12 of them I added some that were between semi-solid and variegated, like this skein:

Yarntini True Love

I put them all together in ziploc bags like so:

From My Stash Sock Club

I was planning to put them each in individual envelopes and pick at random but at the time I didn’t have anything appropriate to put them in. I’ll be getting some brown paper bags or something like that to put them in.

Lotus Yarns Aura - Walking with a Ghost

In January I decided to pick the Lotus Yarns Aura (which is why it’s not in the picture) to knit the Snowflake Lace socks, which are, by the way, coming along really well. Starting in February I will be picking at random though.

My “From Your Stash Sock Club” is definitely not a new idea, I know people were doing it last year. Also, I read last week, that someone in the Stash Knit Down KAL was doing the same thing. I think that it is a fun idea and that it will definitely save me some money! Also, who doesn’t like opening a package when you don’t know what will be inside!

Of course, you might be interested in a real Sock Club and if you do I can only suggest a great Sock Club like the Y4S Sock Club… The theme for 2008 is “Focus on New England” and will have awesome dyers like The Woolen Rabbit, A Piece of Vermont and Sunshine Yarns!


It’s really frustrating for me to not be able to let all the readers using Bloglines know that I’ve moved. So I’m even more thankful for the few 3 or 4 who have followed me here. I do hope that most of the others will eventually make their way over here somehow!


14 01 2008

Welcome everyone to my new blog! I hope you like the decor!

I haven’t figured out how to get some things like the Etsy Mini to work on a WordPress blog so if you know, I’d love to find out. ETA: WordPress doesn’t support Javascript or Flash, which are the formats that the Etsy Mini comes in.

I’m also waiting for my actual Flickr pictures to show up in the sidebar. Hopefully that feature will work within a day or so. ETA: This a known recent issue. Let’s hope that they’ll fix it soon. 

You might see things move around a bit during the next few days until I settle down for good.

Make sure to update your bloglines or google reader with the new feed!

Thanks for coming here and enjoy : )

It always comes back to socks

8 01 2008

My latest FO has been a long time coming. I started it back in October and finished it only a couple weeks ago. It was my only deadline knitting and I finished it right on the wire.

Back in October, the Sockamania pattern for the month was the Elegance sock pattern. It had beautiful cables on the sides and I thought that it would be a great sock for my mom. I picked a yarn that I thought she would like and started knitting. I finished the first sock on my trip to Iowa in November. I cast on for the second sock just before leaving for Switzerland in December. I really wanted to be able to give the pair to my mom for Christmas but I didn’t get to knit a whole lot while in Switzerland. When I came back from Switzerland on December 19 I think I just had turned the heel and was just starting on the leg. 5 days to go till Christmas… I knit on the sock during every spare time and finished knitting the sock during our Christmas Eve party with my parents. I was able to weave in the ends, pick up some discarded wrapping paper, wrap it up and hand in to my mom right there and then. That was cutting it close!

The next morning just before my parents were getting ready to leave to head back home I had my mom model her new socks for me.

Finished Elegance Socks for Mom

They fit her quite well although they are a bit tight to get around the heel. I think I need to get a looser gauge in that area for them to fit her better. I guess I’ll just have to knit her another pair!

Christmas day, since I had just finished the Elegance socks I picked up my Charade pattern and cast on for the second sock. I’m almost done with the second sock and should have it done by the weekend. It will be nice to add a new pair to my sock drawer!

Second Charade Sock almost done

I cast on last night for the Snowflake Lace socks out the Lotus Yarn Aura I purchased a couple months ago. I’m knitting them toe-up and have knitted the toe plus one repeat so far.

Snowflake Lace sock in Lotus Yarns Aura

You can’t really see the pattern quite well yet but I’m sure that after a few pattern repeats it will be nicer to look at. The silver strands of the Aura make the sock all shiny just like snow! The yarn is really soft and the silver doesn’t seem to be bothering me at all.

I’ve also picked out the yarn to knit the January Sockamania pattern but I think that will wait until I get done with the Charade socks.

Next time I’ll tell you about this really cool Sock Club I joined!