From Your Stash Sock Club

16 01 2008

A few days ago I promised I would talk to you about this really cool sock club I joined, so I guess it’s time I shared with you all!

It all started a few months ago when I first heard about Zen Yarn Garden’s Harmony Semi-Solid Sock Club. Like several of you I am now more a fan of semi-solid yarns than variegated yarns so I thought this would be a really fun sock club to join. Sadly, it was a bit too expensive for me and I wasn’t able to sign up. I put it on my Christmas wish list hoping Santa would get it for me but Christmas came and left without it.

STR Lenore

So I started thinking, I have a bunch of semi-solid sock yarns in my stash, why don’t I do my own club? I’d definitely be saving money and I’d actually be using yarn from the stash, not adding to it! Around New Year’s I went through my stash and found all my semi-solids. Since there weren’t 12 of them I added some that were between semi-solid and variegated, like this skein:

Yarntini True Love

I put them all together in ziploc bags like so:

From My Stash Sock Club

I was planning to put them each in individual envelopes and pick at random but at the time I didn’t have anything appropriate to put them in. I’ll be getting some brown paper bags or something like that to put them in.

Lotus Yarns Aura - Walking with a Ghost

In January I decided to pick the Lotus Yarns Aura (which is why it’s not in the picture) to knit the Snowflake Lace socks, which are, by the way, coming along really well. Starting in February I will be picking at random though.

My “From Your Stash Sock Club” is definitely not a new idea, I know people were doing it last year. Also, I read last week, that someone in the Stash Knit Down KAL was doing the same thing. I think that it is a fun idea and that it will definitely save me some money! Also, who doesn’t like opening a package when you don’t know what will be inside!

Of course, you might be interested in a real Sock Club and if you do I can only suggest a great Sock Club like the Y4S Sock Club… The theme for 2008 is “Focus on New England” and will have awesome dyers like The Woolen Rabbit, A Piece of Vermont and Sunshine Yarns!


It’s really frustrating for me to not be able to let all the readers using Bloglines know that I’ve moved. So I’m even more thankful for the few 3 or 4 who have followed me here. I do hope that most of the others will eventually make their way over here somehow!




12 responses

16 01 2008

I will mention that you moved!!

What a clever idea for a sock club! Hmm…

16 01 2008

I found you! Nice looking blog so far…

16 01 2008

Great idea for your sock club!

It dawned on me today that Bloglines hadn’t been picking up your feeds so I checked and saw that you had moved. Now I have some catching up to do. šŸ™‚

17 01 2008

I had no trouble finding you. I just don’t comment very often. I really like the idea of a sock club from our own stash. Ever consider a trading sock club?

17 01 2008

Telling Chris is like putting it on that big TV in Times Square! I love your sock club idea. You’ve got me thinking about doing it myself!!

The new blog looks blasting good!

17 01 2008

Seriously! I’d been wondering where you were!

I love the stash sock club idea!

17 01 2008

What a lovely new home! I hope you have been well. šŸ™‚ Happy New Year!

19 01 2008
Put a Sock in it

Nice way to reduce the stash! šŸ™‚ You have some lovely colours there begging to be knitted up.

19 01 2008

Welcome to WordPress! :o) I’ll change my Bloglines right now.

20 01 2008

your going to looove wordpress, the widgets make me so happy šŸ˜€
Love the idea of a sock club from your stash! hmm… I think I just might join you!

21 01 2008
Kris with a K

You always have such lovely yarns to work with! I am jealous. Can’t wait to see the socks you make this year!

18 11 2008
10 months « Knitting in Pink

[…] at the beginning of January, I had this brilliant idea of joining the “From your Stash Sock Club“. My first installment was a skein of Lotus Yarns Aura with which I cast on for a pair of […]

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