Belated – My first FO of the year

23 01 2008

A couple weeks ago I finished my first pair of socks of the year. It’s a pair of Charade socks I started back in October.

Finished Charades

The yarn I used is HL Miller Merino Monkey in the colorway Rich Earth. I loved how the yarn striped so regularly and I was even more thrilled that the second sock behaved exactly like the first one. The yarn was super soft and pleasant to knit with. The pattern was fun too, just enough complication for interest and still as pleasant and mindless as stockinette.

Sock #1 was knit in October 2007. Sock #2 was cast on on Christmas Day and finished in January 2008.
Yarn: HL Miller Merino Monkey in Rich Earth
Pattern: Charade socks by Sandra Park
Mods: My usual toe-up short-row heel Magic Loop on 2.5mm needle.

Soon to be done: Sock #1 of the New Year sock from Sockamania and sock#1 of Snowflake Lace sock. I’m on the leg of both of them so a few more inches of both and I’ll be binding off.

I’m hoping to post once more before the move. After that it will all depend on how fast Comcast gets the cable internet connected!




3 responses

23 01 2008

I love that pattern. I started it once… and the yarn I was using was bleeding all over me. So I really need to pick it back up again.

23 01 2008

Oh, I love it when socks stripe like that, and especially when both do! Hope the move stuff is going well.

23 01 2008

Charades have been on my list for a while. Now I’ll just have to move them up. Very lovely yarn – the colors are so rich.

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