Spinning Monday

25 02 2008

I haven’t worked much on last week’s fiber, although I think I’ve spun about half of it now. So instead of showing you the same bobbin again with just a bit more yarn I’ll show you what I could possibly be spinning next month.

Grafton Fibers Batt

This is a Grafton Fibers Corriedale batt that I bought last year at some Sheep & Wool festival. (Yay! Sheep & Wool season is coming up soon!) I’ve never spun out of a batt yet and am unsure as to the preparation. I’m guessing that since the colors are pretty much all blended up together I could just tear it in strips and spin those up one after the other. Do let me know if I should be doing something else!

I’m not officially participating in this year’s Project Spectrum but I notice that between my Sangria socks and this batt I’m well into this month’s theme (FEBRUARY / MARCH – FIRE – orange, red, pink).

I will keep spinning  the Lavender roving until all of it is on bobbins. But I might wait until I can have someone show me the Navajo plying until I do anything else with it. But I look forward to starting spinning the Grafton Fibers batt.


I must post about my latest FO, my Firestarter socks… they’ve been done for a few weeks now but there’s always something else to post about. Hopefully next time!




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25 02 2008


27 02 2008

That looks absolutely beautiful! I love the firey colors 🙂

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