Charming Handbag

28 02 2008

After an unsuccessful attempt* at sewing myself a yoga mat tote bag** I decided to sew something else, namely, the Charming Handbag from “Bend-the-rules Sewing” by Amy Karol.

Charming Handbag from

First, I cut up all the pieces

Fabrics all cut up

The outside fabric is from the Echino collection by Etsuko Furuya and the lining is by Amy Butler.

Then I pinned it all together to get an idea of how the finished product would look

Other view

Amy Butler lining

I sewed up everything in 2 times. It was a pain because my machine isn’t working very well, either through machine trouble or user error. I’m really thinking I need to get it checked! You can’t imagine how much thread I wasted due to having to restart all the time. And, to add insult to injury, on my last seam I ran out of the lower bobbin thread and had to stop and fill that up before I could totally finish…

But it is now done. My stitches are all crooked and my seams are crooked but overall it looks ok. Now don’t go and look at close ups of the seams!

Just finished!
Sitting pretty in the sun
You can see the lining - I added 2 pockets

Here you can see one of the two pockets I added in the lining

Sitting pretty

I just love this fabric!

New knitting bag

I’ll be using this bag as a knitting bag. It fits perfectly a sock project but it is big enough for a bigger project, not that I knit anything else than socks anyways…


* I cut up my main piece of fabric and decided to try it for fit around my new yoga mat (I’m guessing someone smart would have tried before cutting). I then realized that the material of the yoga mat (terry cloth-ish) was sticking like velcro to my fabric and that I could never use the two together. Every other fabric I tried acted the same way.

** I started going to a yoga class with a friend. I’ve been three times already and I quite enjoy it. I went once to Pilates and enjoyed it too. Sadly I won’t be able to go back for another 6 weeks because I am starting a quilting class next week that falls at the same time as the Pilates class. But I’ll be back to class at the end of April!




9 responses

28 02 2008

absolutely stunning! i have that book, and passed the pattern a thousand times, but until i see someone else work it, i can’t realize the possibilities.

28 02 2008

Very charming bag šŸ™‚ The fabric choices are fabulous!!!

28 02 2008

It looks really great. You did a really nice job on it!

28 02 2008

That bag is so pretty! I wouldn’t have thought to put those fabrics together, but they’re gorgeous. And you are so multi-talented, with the knitting and the spinning and the sewing!

28 02 2008

I too have passed by that pattern a thousand times, but I’m so impressed with this sample that I want to make one now too! Nice job!

28 02 2008

I love it! Was it pretty easy?

29 02 2008

I think the bag turned out great! And it sounds a lot better than what I would manage. šŸ˜‰

1 03 2008

Super cute bag! I love the fabrics. I’ve been wanting to learn to sew for awhile now. As for the yaga bag, the Yarn Harlot knitted one out of Noro that’s really cool. I think it’s on her Projects page in Ravelry.

1 03 2008

Very cute bag! I’ve been wondering about whether that bag was tricky to make or not. I’ve wanted to make it but was a little afraid. Yours came out really well – the fabric is gorgeous!

It was nice meeting you at the quilt store. I bet we’ll run into each other there again sometime. Seems like me and wee are always there! ;0)

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