Spinning Monday

3 03 2008

Yet again, no spinning was done this week. I guess I really failed my February goal! But all is not lost, there has been spinning related activity during these last few days.

A few days ago as I was driving down the road near to where I live I passed by the Iron Horse Farm. First I noticed the sign; I thought it was nice looking. Then I saw sheep… and llamas…; I was like: Awesome! Then I saw a sign advertising “Store: yarn”; Double awesome! Then I saw another sign saying: “Open”; Foot on the break, signal left and drive into parking lot…

I walked into the little store just as they were opening. My eyes first saw the rovings, then they saw the yarn. There was also knitted items, pottery, jewelery, soaps, etc. This little store sells the wares of a dozen of local artisans as well as the farm’s yarns and rovings. They also sell machine knitted socks out of their yarn. I spoke to the owner for a bit. She sends her fiber off to be processed then dyes it herself. They do a few different yarn weights and carry a few other yarns like Schaefer, Hand Maiden and maybe a couple other brands.

The owner has a good eye for color and there were quite a few rovings that appealed to me. I decided in the end for this one

Hand dyed roving from Iron Horse Farm

It’s 4oz of 70% Shetland and 30% Mohair. It is really hairy so it might be difficult to spin but we’ll see when I get there. I really liked the combination of the bright green and the brown.

4oz 70% Shetland/30% Mohair

I received in the mail something I’d been wanting to buy ever since I first saw it on Chappy’s Mom‘s blog. It was the exact thing I’d been needing but didn’t know existed.

Black Walnut Lamb's Tail Strandholder

It is a black walnut Lamb’s Tail Strandholder from Fibre Art. It holds your fiber when you are taking a break from spinning.

Strandholder set up

I like how it matches the darker wood part of my wheel and I love the sheep stamp on it! I think that as gadgets go,  it will be really useful for me. I recommend it to anyone looking for something like that too!




4 responses

3 03 2008

What a wonderful serendipitous store find!! And a wicked cool gadget too!

3 03 2008

That roving is beautiful and it will look great spun up! How great to have stumbled upon that store!

4 03 2008

Ooh lucky I’ve been wanting one of those lamb tail things but I’ve held off because I have to mail in a check/do a manual order and I just haven’t been motivated. Which one did you pick? I really like yours! =)

5 03 2008

In September they have an open farm day and you can go and visit the animals. I love this store. It’s amazing how such a small area can be filled with such wonderful things.

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