Random Tuesday

4 03 2008

Seen around the appartment.

These are a few of my favorite things:


This is an origami paper crane garland a friend made for me several years ago when I lived in Switzerland. After my move the garland was put into a shoe box and I never had a place to hang it until now.


I just love how they look in front of the window ready to take flight!


My new china cabinet holds my various dish collections. My lovely milk glass vases, my fancy glasses and my flower vases. I just love seeing them all together like that and not in a box in the basement.

Still life

Before I left Switzerland, a dear friend gave me this giant mushroom. She had a couple in her yard and I always loved them. A neighbor of her parents’ farm makes them out of tree stumps. It also had been into a cardboard box since my move. I just love the whimsyness of it, especially since I added the little gnome! I love gnomes! These two sit on a half wall between the living room and the dining room and I get to see them all the time. They just make me happy!

What are your favorite things? Maybe I should have a little contest… My two year blogiversary is coming up in a month so it could be fun to have a contest!

Contest details:

Please post on your blog 3 of your favorite things about where you live. You have until the end of the month to send me a link to your post. I’ll draw a winner on April 2 and the winner will win some sock yarn or spinning fiber according to preference. Have fun!

ETA: I want to see pictures of your favorite things!




20 responses

4 03 2008

I love all of your favorite things – I was especially drawn to the mushroom stump though. I may take you up on your contest challenge! Now that you’re closer to the city, I hope to see you sometime soon! 🙂 Think Spring-like thoughts today.

4 03 2008

The origami cranes are wonderful! I’ll mention your contest tomorrow – and I’ll begin contemplating my things at home.

4 03 2008

How cool!! I love them all and it’s really great that you could get them out of their boxes and showcase them so perfectly. Hhhhmmm, I’ll have to start snapping pictures of my favorite things to post.

4 03 2008

I wish I had a blog to participate in your contest…it sounds like so much fun!!! Has it been 2 years already? Time flies…

Lovely cranes!

4 03 2008

I especially like your paper cranes. That’s a very cool idea! I have some origamim paper from a swap, so maybe I should make my own garland. And that’s a fun contest idea you came up with. I’ll start looking around my home to get ideas.

5 03 2008
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5 03 2008

Oh fantastic contest, and I adore your gnome. He’s quite a charmer.

5 03 2008

I love my Christmas Village collection and my sock yarn collection!

5 03 2008

My favorite “thing” in my home would have to be my knitting spot. It’s just one end of an old couch with a table and lamp nearby. My beverage of choice sits on the table, the light helps me see and my old kitty sleeps behind me on the back while I knit.

7 03 2008

I posted today! Boy this was hard.

7 03 2008
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7 03 2008

I love your favorite things. 🙂 The paper crans are so pretty. I collect dishes too! I love all of your milk vases. I like visiting small antique stores to see what I can find to add to my collection. And that mushroom….it would make me smile too. I plan on entering your contest. I’ll have to give it some thought first. Thanks for sharing!

9 03 2008

I posted to my blog, but did not include the two additional photos. I will try to add those by the end of the month. I also told others about your contest.

11 03 2008


Oh, that is too cool…

Also, I find sewing bags to be REALLY fun. I had a small and totally unsuccessful business sewing/knitting and (not really) selling bags the year I lived in Missoula, MT. Well, the people I knew would buy them, but I never ended up consigning them anywhere… I love that flowered bag.

24 03 2008

That mushroom reminds me of one i have packed somewhere full of tiddly winks! I posted a few of my fav’s around our area for you! http://turtleslakeknitting.blogspot.com/

Love the china cabinet!

30 03 2008

Hi there! Better late than never…there is the link to my photo blog (phlog?) with my favorite things! Good luck me. Love your faves, especially the cranes.

31 03 2008
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31 03 2008

Hi there, Hope I’m not too late for the contest!! I just uploaded my post here:


Even if I am too late for the contest, it was a lot of fun to take the pictures and write up some descriptions for them. Great idea!!

1 04 2008

I love your “three favorite things.” I’m late to the contest, but I would love to play along. The cranes are lovely and the mushroom stump is adorable!

1 04 2008

What a great Idea for the contest!! I only just saw your contest post, and I know I’m late but I thought I’d play along. I found out about it on Wiknit – the Knitting Contest Blog.


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