Spinning, oops, Sewing Monday

10 03 2008

Today I’ve got no spinning at all to show you. Although I do have a good spinning news to tell you about. Remember the Iron Horse Farm I mentioned last week? They have a once-a-month knitting group (tonight, and I’m going, yay!) and they have a bunch of fiber related classes (knitting, crocheting, quilting and spinning). I’m going to be able to have them teach me how to Navajo-ply… I’m really thrilled about that, I wont have to figure it out myself! : ) I don’t know yet when I’ll be able to go but I’ll let you know how it went!

Now on to the sewing part of this post:

If you thought that my passion for knitting has been replaced by sewing, you would be wrong, but not entirely. I have, temporarily, been lured by my sewing machine, and I now hear myself say: I just want to sew now! I have also realized that the money I used to spend on yarn, I now spend on fabric and sewing accessories. I went a bit crazy with buying fabrics lately and I still have some coming. But after that, no more!

But I have been sewing, not just buying.

Here are my latest experiments:

Last week I sewed on my first zipper with the zipper pouch pattern from Bend the rules Sewing. I used some fabrics that came in a Denise Schmidt quilting kit.

Zipper pouch

Zipper pouch lining

The lining is hand stitched to the zipper, let’s just say that was quite an experience…

A few days later I decided to try out the Box bag tutorial from Drago[knit]fly. I used the same fabrics I used to line my Charming Handbag and for the Zipper pouch. There were some frustrating moments trying to figure out how I was supposed to sew the zipper and how to get the corners to line up right but in the end I got something I can be proud of and that I can use.

Box bag

Already holding a sock project

In the picture above you can see that it is already being used. And proof that I do still knit!

This particular box bag comes out fairly small, although still big enough for a pair of socks, yarn and needles. I’ve started another box bag with a different length measurement. I’ll let you know how that goes.

My next project pouch




7 responses

10 03 2008

That box bag is WONDERFUL! Wow.

10 03 2008

They both came out so great!! I started one of those box bags last week – took me a while to figure out the zipper too. I should pull the sewing machine out and tackle the sides. Yours is wonderful! And I know the second one will go much faster now that you’ve figured all the steps out.

10 03 2008

Super cute! I LOVE that blue fabric. Is it Amy Butler? You’re multi-talented!

11 03 2008

I love those little box bags, Val. You did a very nice job!

12 03 2008

Those bags are so pretty! I’m glad you’re settling into your new place and enjoying all of your favorite things. I’ll try to enter your contest in the previous post too.

12 03 2008

Such pretty bags! I’m almost tempted to learn to sew when I see the lovely things you make.

13 03 2008

woww that is some fabric stash…what groovy prints you have there……….. and i can see you like working with strips…….. maybe we could swap some strips at the quilters breakfast….what do you think ?

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