Yes, I still knit

14 03 2008

I still do knit sometimes, don’t worry. I even finished a pair of socks this week! I finally finished the Ripples socks from November’s Sockamania pattern. They’re intended for my friend Kelly, I hope they fit her!

Finished Ripple socks

They might be a bit tight around the ankles but I gave them a good soak and I think they might have stretched out a bit. I wont know for a few weeks if they do fit her as I need to mail her the socks and she’s on vacation at the moment.

I also finished another sock, my first Red Dwaf sock in HandMaiden Casbah Sangria. The pattern really was a lot of fun and I had them knit in no time at all.

Red Dwarf 1

I started knitting again on my other Red Dwarf sock, the one in Schaefer Lola. I’ve reached the leg now and I should have it done in a few days.

Onto the leg

This sock is destined for my May Day Sock Swap pal. I hope she likes the color!


After spending more time sewing on my sewing machine, I realized that it really didn’t work very well and that I needed to buy myself another one. I am in the process of destashing quite a bit of yarn to pay for it. I have some new yarns listed on my destash page . Let me know if something strikes your fancy!




9 responses

14 03 2008

Gorgeous socks! Now I’m feeling the urge to knit Red Dwarf socks… And I’m glad to hear that you still knit. 😉

14 03 2008

Yay socks! I love the colors in that Schaefer yarn. I’m sure your sock pal will too.

14 03 2008

Ooh so what kind of sewing machine are you thinking about???

17 03 2008

What’s not to like?

18 03 2008

Okay, I need to get some of that Sangria for myself. I love how it looks knit up. Love the sock!

18 03 2008

Beautiful socks! I wanna be your new sock pal. 😉 I’ll take any of them..I’m not picky.

19 03 2008

oohhh girl your socks are so freaking prettyy!!! I love the red dwarf socks. Both of them! The colors are so rich.

I’ve had problems with my old machine, it was a Singer. The sewing machine guy who fixed it told me that it was never properly lubricated. And it didn’t help that there was a tun of fuzz in it. So the gears where grinding on each other. After he lubed the machine up it worked well. A year later I bought a Lady Kenmore and I love it. Its nice to me. Now if I could only sew…. I always make sure to give it a bit of sewing machine old every now and then.

20 03 2008

Good luck — I hope you find the sewing machine of your dreams!

26 03 2008

YEA! Ripples…beautiful! Lucky me… Talk to you very soon!

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