Sweet Treat Survey for Special Swap

26 03 2008
Let’s talk about sweets today!

1. What were your three favorite treats in your Halloween bag?
I’ve never really celebrated Halloween but I would have to say that my favorite treats would be Peanut M&Ms, Twix and Skor bars.

Little chocolate sheepies

2. What were the three treats that you would trade away?
I guess I would trade away any kind of peppermint patty, peanut butter cups or Hersey’s chocolate.

3. Do you bake?
Yes, yes!

4. Do you order dessert in a restaurant? If so, what is your favorite dessert?
I love the molten chocolate cakes! Especially Finale‘s Molten Chocolate.

5. Tell me about your favorite Candy-colored yarns, and what candy are they inspired from?
This yarn is Sunshine Yarns in Mocha. I just love the chocolatey color, it makes me want to eat chocolate!

Sunshine Yarns Mocha

6. When you knit a special “icing on the cake” accessory for your outfit, would you knit …… socks, a scarf, a hat or a bag?
Socks of course!

7. Describe the perfect ice cream sundae.
Soft serve vanilla ice-cream, warm chocolate brownies and lots of warm chocolate syrup.

8. Are there any knitting treats that you would love to add to your collection?
A book you would like for your library?
I’d love the Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes or the book Folk Socks by Nancy Bush

A knitting gadget for your notions bag?
I would love to try out the Harmony dpns from Knit Picks… I especially would like the 2.5mm : )

A sweet yarn?
I would love some handspun sock yarn, because I’m still quite far from being able to spin my own!

1/2 pound Merino Top

Roving that looks like Cotton Candy

9. Think about the best homemade dessert from Mom or Grandma. Do you have the recipe to share? I don’t really have a recipe to share but when I was a kid my grandma would pick raspberries from her garden and serve it with freshly whipped cream and sugar. That was really the best!

10. What local or regional treats would you insist your swap partner try if she visited your town? According to a recent Family Guy episode (I don’t watch that show but DH does) there is a Twinkie factory in Natick, the town next door. Other than that I would really suggest a trip to the local above-mentioned Finale, they do have the best desserts.

The wickedest chocolate trifle

Not a Finale dessert but a Chocolate Trifle I make sometimes. It feels like you’re eating 3 tons of chocolate but it’s so good!

11. Cupcakes….talk amongst yourselves.
I’m not sure what this question means but I’ll assume it’s asking me what I think about cupcakes… Lynne, let me know if I’m wrong! I like cupcakes, especially chocolate cupcakes! I don’t particularly enjoy frosting so I like my cupcakes plain!




2 responses

27 03 2008

That sounds like a fun swap. Is there room for another?

30 03 2008

Yum, your post sure made me hungry. I mentally ran down what I have in my house to eat at the moment, but came up with nothing that compares to this post! Big bite…yum.

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