Random Wednesday

9 04 2008
  • I finished knitting my May Day Sock Swap socks.

Schaefer Lola Red Dwarf socks

I used the Red Dwarf sock pattern by Turtlegirl. The pattern was a lot of fun, especially in a dk weight yarn. It went super fast! I love that there’s room for a lot of stretch and that they should fit my pal no matter what.

The pair was knit between February and April.
Yarn: Schaefer Lola colorway unknown
Pattern:Red Dwarf socks
Mods: none that I can think of

Now that the socks are done I can think about what else to put in my package for my pal. I have to mail it out on May 1st so I still have some time to think about it! I haven’t heard anything from the person knitting me a pair so it will be a nice surprise when I get my pair of socks!

  • I started another sock

Almost immediately after binding off the second sock of the above mentioned socks I cast on for the second Red Dwarf of my own pair. You would think that by now I’d know the pattern by heart but I still keep it next to me while I’m knitting… I guess I’m too lazy to make myself remember it.

Red Dwarf socks - for me

I’m already halfway down the foot so I have high hopes about finishing them soon.

  • I sewed another box bag.

This is version 4 of the box bag series. I think that I’ve almost got all the modifications down and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Box bag - 4th attempt

I’m hoping that I can make a couple last improvements on my next one and then have a finished product I’m entirely pleased with.


My friend Carol is hosting a raffle for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She is asking  that you donate for her friend Gayle who is running the Boston Marathon for the fourth time in aid of innovative cancer research for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  If I’m understanding correctly you can donate yarn and goodies for the raffle and you can donate money here. Make sure to let Carol know by commenting on her blog or messaging her on Ravelry. You can read her post here and you can see some of the prizes that were donated here




12 responses

9 04 2008

Your socks are gorgeous – I give you a lot of credit for knitting two pairs in a row. I don’t think I have the attention span for that. 🙂

Your box bag look s so much better than the two I ended up making.

9 04 2008

Lovely socks! Your pal is going to have some very happy feet!

I was just looking in my little fabric stash today to see if anything struck my fancy for trying out a box bag myself.

9 04 2008

😀 They look GREAT! I especially love the fiery pair you’re making for yourself. I’m so glad you like the pattern!

9 04 2008

I love the socks. Gorgeous. And the bag is stnning. I’ve got a bit of a weakness for bags.

9 04 2008

Your socks are completely stunning!! And your box bags look darn good to non-sewing me. 🙂

9 04 2008

What a lucky pal! The socks are gorgeous.

You box bags are looking sooo perfect.

9 04 2008

Pretty socks!

And the bag is perfect!

10 04 2008

Love the box bags!

Thanks for mentioning the raffle. You don’t have to donate prizes but anyone who donates money (any amount) for the Marathon will be entered in the raffle. Lots of sock yarn to be won including the new LL Grumperina colorway!

10 04 2008

The Red Dwarf socks are next on my list of socks. I ordered some Casbah yarn in the Amethyst colorway to use. I’m not normally a purple girl but this yarn is beautiful.

Love the new box bag! The fabric is very sweet.

10 04 2008

Such pretty mayday socks – great job!

10 04 2008

Wow gorgeous socks indeed! I love the color its one of my favorites! Oh and the new red socks are super pretty too… My goodness you sew too! I like the box bag…

11 04 2008

your pal is sure lucky! Those are beautiful socks, and I’m loven the colorway that you choose. The red socks look like they’ll be winners too.

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