The various stages of socks

16 04 2008

There are many stages of socks and here are a few:

First there is the completed pair

Red Dwarf socks - a bit big on my feet

This is a slightly too large pair of gorgeous Red Dwarf socks in a beautiful color and awesome yarn… Can you tell I’m a bit bitter that these are too big for me? I haven’t quite figured out what to do with them yet. I can give them away to my May Day Sock Swap pal, who has feet about the same as mine. The other pair that I knit for her is a bit snugger than these, at least pre-soak. I could give them to my mom but I’m not sure they’ll fit her quite right… Or I could find someone who wants them!

The socks were knit between February and April 2008
Yarn: Handmaiden Casbah in Sangria
Pattern: Red Dwarf socks by Turtlegirl
Mods: None either

Then there is the almost 3 quarter completed pair of socks

New Years Socks - Sockamania KAL January pattern

These are the January pattern for the Sockamania pattern. I just started working on the second sock a few days ago after I finished knitting the last Red Dwarf sock. The first sock striping colorway came out so nice I was thrilled when after starting the second sock I realized it was going to do the same. Until my hopes were dashed and there was a big knot in the skein… tyeing together 2 entirely different dye lots. Lets just say that I am quite bummed about this too. Oh well, I have another pretty sock to distract me for a while.

Then there is the wee beginnings of a sock

Rococo Socks - 4 repeats done

This is a sock I just started working on for the Socks-O-Wool KAL. For this KAL I am using O-Wool Classic 2-ply in Robin’s Egg. It’s a very pretty light blue and it goes very well with the Rococo sock pattern by Knitspot. I’m really enjoying the pattern. I’ve knit 4 repeats so far and I’m getting the hang of how the decreases and yarn overs are working out.  This sock seems to fit so far so I shouldn’t be as disappointed with these as I am with the other two.

So you see, I’ve still been knitting!




6 responses

16 04 2008

oooh the red ones are sooo purdy!!!!

16 04 2008

So pretty!!! How aggravating that the first two pairs are giving you troubles though. I’m sure that last pair will be perfect.

16 04 2008

I know how you feel when socks don’t fit. This happened to a pair that I knit for my husband. I let him wear them a couple of times and then decided to rip them out and knit them again. They fit so much better now! And I don’t feel so guilty about making something that isn’t getting used.

Wallow for only a little while and then make it right, whether it’s re-knitting or gifting. 😉 You’ll feel better in the end.

17 04 2008

All three pair are lovely. If the red dwarf socks are top down, I think that I woukd fix them. If not, find some very lucky person and bless them with your socks. Anyone would be so pleased to have them, They are certainly a pretty pair. The color problem on the second pair would really frost me too. What was done was so wrong. I would probably never buy that yarn again and fire off a letter to the company. Then I would cool down, take a deep breath and probably finish the socks, with the color you like where it will show. The blues will be perfect. Threes the charm, right?

17 04 2008

That red is a nice shade away from your pink!!! You are the sock goddess today!

18 04 2008

How sad that those gorgeous socks don’t fit you. 😦

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