Spinning Monday is back!

28 04 2008

Yes, I have been spinning again! I’ve decided that with all my new crafty interests, I’d have to make time for all of them, including spinning. So my new plan is that every weekday I’ll work on a different craft and last Friday was spinning day.

I’m not sure what made me chose this as the roving of the day,

Hand dyed roving from Iron Horse Farm

Maybe because it’s the last roving I bought, I don’t know. This roving is 70% Shetland, 30% Mohair from the Iron Horse Farm. This roving doesn’t have the colors in sections like other rovings I’ve worked with. Instead, it’s like the 3 main colors were blended together. You can see it a little better in this picture.

Iron Horse Farm roving

As I was spinning this I realized that the ply I was getting was mostly dark green with a few yellow spots here and there. I considered Navajo-plying it but there isn’t enough color definition to make it worth while. So instead I’ll just 2-ply it.

Spinning again!

The resulting yarn will be a nice deep green, I’m looking forward to seeing this! And hopefully I’ll be able to take flashless pictures next time.




5 responses

28 04 2008

Looks great!

28 04 2008

Just catching up on your posts and all of the fun projects you have. I was going to ask how you manage them all, but I see you are doing one craft per day. Neat! Your embroidery posts make me want to take out the crewel kit I started years ago, of a street of Victorian houses. I love the design but prefer *much* bigger needles and yarn. 🙂

28 04 2008

You’ve been really busy lately! I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your lovely projects.

28 04 2008

ooh, pretty! Those are some gorgeous colors.

1 05 2008

yeah for spinning monday! have you thought about what you might knit up with this? hope work is going well…i’ll be watching for more spinning mondays.

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