Spinning Monday

5 05 2008

Over the weekend I had time to spin the other half of the Iron Horse Farm roving I posted about last Monday. I also made sure to ply it and skein it so I could have some photos for today.

The North Side of the Tree

The roving didn’t come with a name so I asked DH if he could name it for me. He picked the name: The North Side of the Tree because it the yarn looks like moss. I liked the name so it stuck!

The North Side of the Tree

I found out more details about how the roving was made. It is made of long strips of 3 different colors that were carded together to make one strip. The first half of the roving I spun as is, leaving the 3 colors together. The second half I tore the 3 colors apart and spun one color after the other. That way I would have a subtle striping effect if and when I knit it.

The North Side of the Tree

I didn’t split the roving in two really well so my first half ended up being quite bigger than the second half. So I ended up with only 150yds of a fingering/dk weight yarn.

My friend Debbie from Iron Horse Farm told me to make sure to not overtwist it because the yarn would feel like rope if I did. So I tried to keep the twist to a minimum and I think it came out pretty nice.

The North Side of the Tree

The yarn still needs a soak but I didn’t want to wait! I’ll practice my Navajo-plying on the rest of the single but I’ll have to wait a bit for that.

The North Side of the Tree

I’m not sure when I’ll next get to spin because the next several weeks are going to be very crazy with my new job and two big trips, so maybe my next Spinning Monday will be in June!




3 responses

5 05 2008

Beautiful spinning! :o)

5 05 2008

Whoa – beautiful!!

5 05 2008

That’s just gorgeous. I love the color!

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