We’re back to sewing

6 05 2008

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had done a lot of sewing. I never posted about it back then because what I made were made for two special packages. Both packages have now arrived so I can now share them with you.

The first package was for my friend Kelly who lives in Iowa. She’s a knitter too and she likes to knit socks too. I had noticed though that she would carry her sock knitting in little plastic bags and that I just had to make her something nicer than that.

So I sewed her this little set:

Box bag & zip pouch set

My friend likes birds so I made sure to use a fabric with birds on it.

I had also knit her a pair of socks, the Ripples pattern from the Sockamania KAL. Here they are on her feet:

Socks from Val

They’re a tad on the tight side and a pain to remove, but she likes them, so that’s what counts. I might need to knit her another pair though at some point!

The last package was for my May Day Sock pal. The packages were due out on May 1st and the package arrived to my pal’s doorstep on Saturday. So I can now show you what I made her!

Package for my May Day Sock Swap

My pal was Karen from Needles and Wool. She’s the one I was knitting the Schaefer Lola Red Dwarf socks for. I ended up giving her the Hand Maiden Casbah Sangria since they were too big for me and I knew she’d like them just as well if not more.

I also made her this little box bag and zipper pouch set:

Box bag & zip pouch set

She seems to have liked everything I sent her and the socks fit her perfectly. If you’re interested you can see her post about her package here. I really enjoyed putting everything together for her, it was fun!




9 responses

6 05 2008

Your bags are gorgeous! I’m going to have to try making one soon.

6 05 2008

Oh, she most definitely likes everything! I am going to try my hand at the box bags one of these days too. In the meantime, the one you made me will be perfect to take on our vacation this week. Yay.

6 05 2008

I really love you little bags – nice work.

6 05 2008

Who wouldn’t love to get such lovely goodies from you!? 🙂

6 05 2008

it really was a lovely swap package, Val. The box bags are sooooooo cute! I made a purse sized one a while ago, but I love the cuteness of this size!

6 05 2008

OK people! I’m am the lucky recipient of the bag and socks…they’re both awesome! It was such a treat to get them in the mail and I will be using both extensively in the future. Valerie is the most talented seamstress I know personally…so thank you, mon ami. You’re the best! Here is a little something for you:

I have no idea what they’re saying – hopefully nothing weird…and something about being good friends!

7 05 2008

What nice gifts! I really like the box-bag and pouch combos. Where can I find the box-bag pattern again?

7 05 2008

What a nice swap! I really enjoy seeing your sewing projects as well as the knitting. I hope you have good trips in the next few weeks.

7 05 2008

What a great sock set –
I saw your bags on Karen’s blog and was admiring them! =)

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