14 05 2008

Day 1

Peonies - Day 1

Day 2

Peonies - Day 2

Day 3

Peonies - Day 3

Day 4

Peonies - Day 4

Day 5

Peonies - Day 5

Beauty shots

Blooming Peonies

Opening up

Peonies have got to be one of my favorite flowers. I always look forward to finding the first ones at the store so I can bring some home! When I bought these they were still unopened and I just loved seeing each bud open one after the other, every day another one. There’s just one now that hasn’t opened yet, but I bet it wont be long!

I made sure to buy them when I first saw them so I could enjoy them now before I leave on vacation. DH and I are going on a trip to Switzerland in a few days and when we get back maybe there won’t be any more peonies to be found!




7 responses

14 05 2008

My peonies are just opening up. I love them, too!

I’m behind on my blog reading. All of your projects in your recent posts are great!

Have a great trip!

15 05 2008

Beautiful peonies! Have a great time in Switzerland. You do know about the glories of Swiss chocolate don’t you? 🙂 Oh, my!

15 05 2008

Lovely! Especially in photos – IRL, they kill me allergy-wise.

15 05 2008
heather hales DESIGNS

I LOVE peonies, they are my favorite flowers! Sadly, they will not grow here in the desert. I can almost smell them from your photos!

15 05 2008

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers too! I wish the season weren’t so short.

Have a great time on your trip — I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

16 05 2008

Beautiful! Peonies are my favorite, too. :o)

18 05 2008

Your peonies are beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful time in Switzerland!

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