Random Wednesday with an S

4 06 2008

Stash Enhancing

Kauni yarns

This is some Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 that I bought at Tricolaine, Carouge when I was in Geneva 2 weeks ago. Annelis, the owner is a wonderful person. I met her 2 years ago when I was on vacation there and had the chance to be a be able to spend a couple afternoons knitting with her. You can see a picture of her holding my Kureyon sock if you click here (make sure to look at her gorgeous sweater – I’ll have to ask her what the pattern is). I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing with the Kauni yarn, probably some lace when I have time for that sort of thing. In the mean time it will just grace my stash with their beauty. (The skein on the right has stripes of brown, blues and burgundies like this.)

Spinning accessories

New accessories

I’ve finally purchased a tensioned lazy-kate and a larger niddy-noddy for myself. The lazy-kate was ordered for me by Debbie from Iron Horse Farm and I bought the niddy-noddy from Mind’s Eye Yarns at their booth at the Gore Place sheepshearing festival in Waltham, MA back in April.

Sewing project underway

Time for some sewing

I finally cut up my pattern pieces for the Frenchy Bag. This was back on Sunday and I haven’t had a chance to do more. I really wanted to have finished this week but I don’t know that it’s going to happen.

Special Swap Sweet Treats

Special Swap Sweet Treats package

I received yesterday my Special Swap Sweet Treats swap package from Yarn Yenta. She sent me an assortment of fun goodies including a muffin mix, cute patterns for felted toy animals, a chibi and a tape measure. I’d been wanting a chibi for a while now and now I have my own!

Socks in progress

Socks in progress

On the left you will notice my Noro Kureyon Sock. It’s knitting up fairly well. The yarn is rough and has uneven spots here and there but I’m not disliking the process at all. There was a break in the stripe continuation mid-heel and at first I just knit it like that. Then, after having started the leg I just ripped it all out and decided to keep the striping sequence and split-splice the yarn together. This is the sock that I will be bringing on my trip to TNNA tomorrow. Donna and I are driving out to Columbus, OH for the show. We’ll both be driving so there will be time for some knitting. I’m really excited about going to the show, I think that it will be crazy but super interesting. We’ll be stopping here and there at some yarn shops so if you know of any in the area, make sure to let me know! I’ll be back Tuesday with details about the trip! The sock on the right is a Rococo sock by Knitspot knit in O-Wool Classic 2-ply. I only have 8 rows left to knit and then I can bind off. The pattern is very fun and interesting without being difficult. I love how the sock looks and I’m looking forward to having a pair.

So this is what’s going on at Knitting In Pink’s. I hope that once all these trips are over that I’ll have a bit more time for crafting and blogging and will be able to post more often.

Talk to you next week!





4 responses

4 06 2008

I have that lazy-kate and that same niddy-noddy there great! Love the colors in your yarn, lucky you to get them. And that sweater WOW!

4 06 2008

Oh, that Kauni is amazing!! Ah, yes, the random Noro knot with color break… Have fun at TNNA!

6 06 2008

There are some really great stores in Columbus (I live an hour away from there). I would recommend the Knitter’s Mercantile. They sponsor Knitters Connection which happens next weekend at the Convention Center, too.

9 06 2008

Oooh, pretty socks! I’m making a sweater out of the same Noro colorway. I can’t wait to hear about TNNA. Hope you had fun!

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