Crafting update

25 06 2008

I have been knitting a bit, I finished over the weekend a Sleepy Eyes’ Tipsy Sock in Sleeping Dragon Sport Weight in Mossy Frog.

Tipsy Sock #1

This pattern is a simple slipped stitch sock. It was written for a sport weight yarn but you could easily use it with a fingering weight yarn. The colorway I picked wasn’t the best for the pattern as the slipped stitches don’t show very well. They would have shown more in a more variegated colorway. But I just might knit this pattern again soon and will choose a better-suited colorway.

I picked this sport weight yarn hoping that I would be able to finish a pair of socks this month, but I’m afraid that it just wont happen. It will feel kind of strange though because this will be the first month since I started knitting socks over two years ago that I haven’t finished a pair!

I haven’t sewn or stitched anything since the bag I showed you last week but I’ve just joined two friends in a quilt-along so I’m hoping to be able to do a bit of sewing sometimes soon! I’ll be using these for my blocks along with an off-white fabric. I won’t do as complicated blocks as my friends are though and will probably just do simple cartwheel blocks.

1930's prints for a quiltalong

1930’s prints

Stop reading here if you’re part of the Vesper sock club and haven’t received your package yet!

I received another yarny package in the mail this weekend.. A few weeks ago I just happened to be catching up on my blogs when Julia from Knitterly Things posted that she was doing a 3-month sock club with her Vesper yarn. I don’t know what happened, it must have been the wool fumes… A few minutes later I had signed up for the club! I received the first shipment this weekend and received this really cute self-striping yarn with a pin and a tape measure.

Knitterly Things June Sock Club

Lovely Lollipop Sky

My first thought was: “wow! it’s bright!” then I thought that it was a really fun colorway and would make really fun socks. The base yarn is different than the one I’ve used in the past so I’m looking forward to knitting it up.




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25 06 2008

I finished a 1930’s quilt top for my daughter last summer, now I just need to quilt it. I’ll have to post it on my blog. I tried to sign up for the sock club but it had already closed by the time I saw it maybe next time she does it! But I have been doing the yarn4socks charm each month so that has been pretty fun,

25 06 2008

I love your sock pattern (I cast on one Monday based on your flickr photo!) and your fabrics. The cartwheel pattern will look great!

25 06 2008

The yarn really looks like the Smooshy – how does it compare?

25 06 2008

That Vesper’s going to make some bright’n’happy socks!

25 06 2008

Love Vesper — I blinked and missed the sign ups!

25 06 2008

Your 1930s prints are so cheery. They remind me of the vintage fabric prints used inside persephone books’ endpapers. It’s amazing how certain patterns evoke certain eras.

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