Yes, I do still knit a bit!

3 07 2008

In the last week or so I did get around to knitting a bit. Of course, I’ve been working on socks, what else is there?

I worked a bit on my Celebrations socks (May pattern for Sockamania KAL). This pattern requires my entire attention so it doesn’t go very fast. Also, it doesn’t help that I made lots of mistakes and I had to keep ripping back. But at least now I have a foot, and a heel.

Heel on my May Celebrations sock #1

I’m thinking that I’ll make these short socks so that I don’t have to struggle for too long on these. The pattern is really pretty but between the mini cables and the multiple decreases it’s just too much work!

I’ve also started yet another new sock, Twisted Tweed by Schrodinger Knits. The pattern is inspired by Charades and RPM. It’s a really easy pattern, you just have to remember to shift the pattern every row. I started this sock toe up and, as noted in the pattern, the row gauge of the slipped stitch pattern on the top of the foot is totally different than the row gauge of the stockinette sole. Which makes the foot look a bit odd. Thankfully, once on they fit quite well.

Heel on my Twisted Tweed sock #1

The yarn I’m using is Yarn Lust 100% superwash BFL in Tiffany that I got from the store. Yarn Lust is our July Artist of the Month and is one talented girl. I had a really hard time picking just one colorway. I don’t care so much for purple usually but her Crush is really tempting me.

I also cast on for the second Noro Kureyon Sock plain stockinette sock. I needed something easy to have with me when I’m waiting around.

Toe of Kureyon Sock #2

I managed, somehow, to start the toe in the right spot for the sock #2 to match sock #1.

They match so far

I’m hoping that there won’t be any surprises and that I’ll be able to make the socks match each other. When working with this yarn, I’d make sure to work from the outside of the ball, as it greatly reduces tangles. There are some almost unspun areas of the yarn but I’ve knitted them as is. If it’s really bad you can just spit-splice the yarn together.

I’m going to alternate working on these 3 socks and should definitely have them done by the end of the month. Which means that I’ll at least have 1 more pair of socks for me to wear!



4 responses

3 07 2008

Lovely socks. When I saw the top photos, I thought, “wow, she has a really weird shaped foot.” It was the third photo that made me realize that it’s a mannequin foot. LOL. I bet it’s easier to photograph socks on a fake foot, huh?

6 07 2008

All of your socks are lovely! I’m knitting some Charades right now, so the Twisted Tweed is quite intriguing.

7 07 2008

I love that Twisted Tweed pattern – very interesting. I averted my eyes when I saw that Noro – very traumatic.

10 07 2008

Cool socks. Love all of them. I’ve finally got one ball of Noro sok yarn in my stash and can’t wait to see howit knits up.

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