Mushrooms… And a contest

13 07 2008

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’ve got a little something for mushrooms. I like them in all sizes:

2 fat quarters of mushroom fabric

Mushroom salt and pepper shakers

Still life

And extra-large
Giant mushroom at the botanical gardens in Geneva

It looks like I’m not the only one that likes them too!
Mushrooms everywhere!
(Make sure to click on this picture to make it bigger, it’s definitely worth it!)

I’ve also been thinking for a while of creating a brand name for myself, to put on tags on the things I sew. And, I’d like for it to have something to do with mushrooms. The best thing DH and I have come up so far is “Crafty Mushroom” but I don’t think it’s creative enough. That’s where you all come in, it’s time for a contest!

I’d like you to submit a crafty name that has the word mushroom in it, or even “champignon” the french word for mushroom. You’ll have until the 20th of July to give me a name in the comments. I’ll pick the one I like best and the winner will receive a box bag that I’ll make especially for them. Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!




46 responses

13 07 2008

Hmm. Mitered Mushrooms? Purling Mushrooms?

13 07 2008

Here’s my idea:

Mon Aimez Chamignon

What do you think?

13 07 2008

Atelier Champignon
Mighty Mushroom
Champignon Cooperative
The Mushroom Spot

14 07 2008
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14 07 2008

This has been good fun, I have thought of a few…

Toadstool Treats
The Masterful Mushroom
Sharp Champignon

Looking forward to hearing other suggestions!

14 07 2008

le champignon rose, or the pink mushroom. you know, keeping in mind also your blog name.

14 07 2008

How about Champignon Dreams? A take on the old saying, champagne dreams on a beer budget.

14 07 2008

I don’t suppose you’d go with “The Funny Fungus”?

14 07 2008

The Mushroom Maker

Trying to go for the alliteration, of course!

I put a post up about your contest on WiKnit, my knitting contest blog

14 07 2008

Since mushrooms give off spores to spread, like you create items to spread among your buyers, how about
Spores Galore or
Shower of ‘Shrooms –(the apostrophe is important!)
Sheltering ‘Shrooms (for the cap image of a mushroom”

14 07 2008

Chez Champignon

14 07 2008

Like another commenter, I think you should incorporate your blog name somehow. I immediately thought of Pink Mushroom Crafts, for what it’s worth …

14 07 2008
Elizabeth H

Looks like you’re building your own city of mushrooms – how about Mushroom City Crafts/Crafting?

14 07 2008

Well, if you didn’t use mushroom in the title then you could have “Valerie’s Galleries”.

I’m terrible at names, but good luck.

14 07 2008
ann-marie mackay

“Made by Mushrooms” (not that YOU are a mushroom but it was the first thing that popped into my head)

“Mushroom Mania”

“My Mushroom”

“Crafty Champignon”

14 07 2008

What about the Finnish word for mushroom? Sieni

14 07 2008
Miss T

The Pink Mushroom


The Pink Puffball

14 07 2008

How about Champignon Wishes. As in:
Champignon Wishes and Stitchy Dreames (in a Robin Leech voice – Champagne wishes and caviar dreams)

Cute bags!

14 07 2008

I love mushrooms too. One of my oldest posessions is a carved wooden mushroom that is filled with tiddly winks.
Ok, my daughter and her friend (16 and 17) and i are thinking here:

The crafty chantrelle
mushroom magic

hmmmm, Crafty Chantrelle is still my fav, they’re still thinking though!

14 07 2008

Champignon Creations?

14 07 2008
Rachel O

oops – that’s

Crafty Champignon Creations

oh my – after all those years in French class and I still misspell it.

or maybe

Champion Champignon Creations

Champion Champignon Crafts

14 07 2008

Under the Mushroom
Stitching Mushroom

14 07 2008


14 07 2008
Jeanne B.

I’m favoring Marsha’s submission, Chez Champignon.

But I keep hearing Queen’s “We Are the Champignons” in my head. 😉

14 07 2008
Just A Knit Wit

How about Le Tricotage de Champignon (The Knitting Mushroom)

Or Le Chapignon Tres Mignon! (The very cute mushroom)

Le Chapignon Creatif (The Creative Mushroom)

Mushroom Masterpieces

14 07 2008

Mushroom Mama…I’ll keep thinking!

14 07 2008

hmmmm…. I don’t think I’ve come up with anything good…
champignon mushroomie
mushie mushroom
yeah… I told you I don’t think I came up with anything good! *L*

14 07 2008

OK, I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this:
Chichi Chanterelle (or Champignon)
Chic Chanterelle (or Champignon)
Bon Chanterelle? Does that even make sense?
Meltingly Marvelous Mushrooms
Fun Fungi
Merry Toadstools
Total (or Totally) Toadstools
Shiny (or Showy) Shiitake
Moral Morel
Fashionable Fungi
Tasteful Toadstools

Whew…I’m spent!

14 07 2008

Oh, one more!
Sublime Slime

15 07 2008
Joan K

mes champignons pour vous

My mushrooms for you

champignon d’or

Golden Mushroom

champignons précieux

Precious Mushrooms

truffes précieuses

Precious Truffles

Conceptions de champignon

Mushroom Designs

15 07 2008
Joan K

amoureux de champignon

Mushroom Lover

sacs de champignon

Mushroom Bags

15 07 2008

You could do a take off on “somewhere under the mushroom” and make the name ‘Under the Mushroom’……or ‘Porta-Bella’ becuase you are hoping your items are portable in that they will be carried out when they are sold! If you like the pink theme, Rosa Bella…..
hey, I tried.

15 07 2008

Darn there are some really good ones. Darn!

Here’s what I came up with:

“Heavenly Mushrooms”
“Sewing Mushrooms”
“Mushroomstress” (as in seamstress)
“Mushroom Seamstress ”
“Spanking Mushrooms” (like Spanking New)
“Spanking New Mushrooms”
“Mushroom Sky”
“Mushroom Maniac”
“Mushroom Mania”
“Crafting Mushrooms”
“Fierce Mushroom”
“Mushroom Treasures”
“Mushroom Land”
“Made with Mushrooms”

I’ll be back if I think of anymore. Thanks for the contest, you can check me out on Ravelry if you like. Good Luck!

15 07 2008
15 07 2008

La vendeuse de champignons

Mein Kleines Pilz (my little mushroom in German)

LOVE the Porta-Bella suggestion!

15 07 2008

You have a lot of names to think about! My suggestion is Sew ‘Shroomy. Or maybe Sew-shrooms. I’m having trouble being very creative. 🙂

16 07 2008
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17 07 2008

Wow lots of idea’s I think they are all taken. But I think I like “The Creative Mushroom”. I love your large mushroom very cute!!

17 07 2008

This may sound odd, but while I was walking the other day, I thought of one: “My Favorite Fungus”.

17 07 2008

That big mushroom is mighty impressive! How about La Vie en Champignons? Like La Vie en Rose, but with mushrooms?

18 07 2008

I haven’t read the other suggestions so this may be a repeat:

PInk Mushrooms
Red Mushrooms
Knit Mushrooms
Mushroom Knitter
Homemade Mushrooms

20 07 2008
Kitten with a Whiplash

‘Shroom At The Top
A ‘Shroom WIth A View Point

20 07 2008
Quilt blocks, quilt top! « Knitting in Pink

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20 07 2008

Tiptoe Through the Toadstools

20 07 2008

How about
“Beyond Shitake”
“Toadstool Meadow”
I suck at naming things! But I love mushrooms!

20 07 2008

Since it sounds like Champion, How about “The Champignon Sewer.” Your logo could be cute… using the mushroom as a sort of cushion with a needle with some thread coming out of it

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