Spinning Monday’s back!

28 07 2008

Last Sunday or maybe the Sunday before that I had this sudden urge to spin something. It had been quite a few months since I’d last spun anything so it was nice to sit down at my wheel again.

I went through my spinning stash and decided to try one of the Crown Mountain Farms pencil rovings that I purchased last April.

Corriedale Pencil Roving from Crown Mountain Farm

I picked the Spring Blooms colorway

Roving now on the wheel

and started spinning.

I try to spin a bit every day or every other day. I haven’t weighed the ball of roving yet so I am not sure how much I’ve done so far. But this is what it looks like, or rather what it looked like a few days ago.

Spinning again

I think that I will just spin it into a 2-ply, and with 8oz to begin with should have a pretty good size skein when I’m done.


I’ve also done some knitting; I finished my Noro Silk Garden Sock cowl, I finally finished my first Celebrations socks and am a few rows away from finishing my second Noro Kureyon sock. You can expect a FO post pretty soon! For those interested in sewing I’ve also finish my doll-size quilt and made great progress on my pinwheel quilt, so maybe another sewing post soon.




5 responses

28 07 2008

That Spring Blooms color is beautiful! It’s amazing how just a few minutes at the wheel can amount to so much fiber isn’t it. BTW – “The Funny Fungi” didn’t even get Honorable mention – I’m sooo sad!!! 😉

28 07 2008

Yes – we want to see those pretty FO pictures!

28 07 2008

Wow! Your spinning is great. Love those colorways.

28 07 2008

Your spinning is beautiful!

29 07 2008

I bought the “Silk Road” Corriedale from CM and I loved how it spun up. What’s the colorway of the middle one? Your spinning is beautiful.

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