29 07 2008

In the last few months I’ve had the chance not only to knit with the new Kureyon Sock but with the new Silk Garden Sock also.  My experience with Noro started very early in my knitting career.  My third ever scarf was knit out of Silk Garden, in seed stitch. I had the most horrible time with this yarn. I think I had particularly bad skeins as the yarn kept on breaking. I didn’t find out about split-splicing until almost the end of the scarf, so the amount of ends to weave in was ridiculous. Also, I think I ended up using about  4 or 5 balls all told for the scarf. It still ended up being a pretty nice scarf and I gave it to my MIL for her birthday.

Seed Stitch Silk Garden scarf

Later I used some Noro Kureyon for a felted bag, Kemp by Jane Ellison.

Kemp bag - Noro Kureyon

Both these patterns were knit in 2006 and in 2007, I knit the Fake Isle Hat as part of Fair-Isle February. Since then I hadn’t knit anything out of Noro, until the day Noro Kureyon Sock came out.

At the beginning of May I cast on for plain stockinette socks out of the colorway 185. A couple days ago I finished knitting the second sock. The socks match almost perfectly, just a slight shift in the cuff area. I love how these socks came out and look forward to wearing them in the Fall!

Finished Noro Kureyon Socks.

A few weeks ago, Silk Garden Sock became available and I promptly grabbed a skein for myself. You already know that I decided to knit something else than socks with it and that I started working on a cowl. Well the cowl has been done for a while and, although it is a bit on the large size, as you’ll see in the pictures, it will be well worn once it becomes cool enough to do so.

In this picture you can see it right side out. It’s gathered around my neck so you can’t see the size so well.


In this picture you can see the cowl inside out, purl side showing.

Cowl - purl side

You can also get a better idea on how big it is! I think that a shawl pin or something like that will be the solution to keeping it closed once the cold starts again. Maybe even something to buy at Rhinebeck in October…

I hope you enjoyed this trip to my history with Noro. There were tangles, there were knots but mostly there were beautiful colors and beautiful stripes. I’m definitely looking forward to working with the Silk Garden again, both in the worsted and the sock weight, maybe the Lite too. And I’m sure that more Kureyon Sock will find its way in the stash someday also.




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30 07 2008
Tina M.

It really is gorgeous, all of it, and I’m tickled pink (no pun intended) that your socks are the same colorway as mine! I loved knitting with the Kureyon sock, mine didn’t break once, though I did find that I had to work to make the second one match. It was worth it though.

Your cowl is lovely, I’m thinking of designing one for myself come the fall, I’m just not a hat girl most of the time and the cowl would fit well over my hair. Thanks for inspiring me!

30 07 2008

Oh, your socks are lovely! And the cowl is pretty cool. 🙂 Ah, Noro – I love you, I hate you…

30 07 2008

Very pretty, all! What were your thoughts on the Kureyon Sock vs. the Silk Garden Sock? The Kureyon seems kinda itchy…

30 07 2008

Aaah, but how is the Silk Garden Sock next to your skin!

30 07 2008
Karen June

Oooh…love the striped socks! So perfect for fall in New England!

31 07 2008

Your bag turned out very cute!

31 07 2008

Great projects! I’ve only knit with Noro once (a felted bag). The color changes are fun.

4 08 2008

I really like the socks.

23 08 2008

I am on an extreme norokick – trying to get gifts done early for a change… the yarns -sock and kureyon- are scratchy, but soak or euclan really do make a difference in softening them up – I would add vinegar (white) to the water for brights to help set colors since tap water seems to have so much chlorine in it

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