Eye Candy Friday

29 08 2008

This last week has been very good to me yarn-wise. Over a period of 3 days I received 2 beautiful skeins of sock yarn.

The first one was the last instalment of the Knitterly Things Summer Sock Club. For some reason I was convinced that we would receive a Wee Skeins kit as part of the sock club so when the last mailing came I was sure that was what I would find in my package. I was a little disappointed when I opened the package but my disappointment was short when I saw the beautiful skein that I had in my hand.

Indian Summer Close Up

I think that this yarn is the most pleasing arrangement of colors, it just goes so well all together! The yarn, a merino tencel blend is also something new for me, so I really look forward to knitting it up.

My other yarn came as a surprise. Last week I won a contest over at Chrissy’s Random Life‘s blog. Chrissy is the dyer behind the new Yarn Sprout. When I first saw that name I fell in love with it, I don’t know why but I just loved it. Chrissy dyes her yarn with natural dyes, which I think is really great too.

Here’s the skein of sock yarn in the color Juicy that she sent me:

Yarn Sprout Juicy

First, it’s pink, and it’s a beautiful peachy pink, almost a solid, that will be perfect for so many things!

Don’t they look great together? I most likely wont knit them in one project but I thought that these two colorways worked very well. Now the question is, what will these beauties become!

Don't they look pretty together?


27 08 2008

I never showed you a sock I finished about a month ago. It is a single sock, so shouldn’t really deserve a whole entire post, but I need your advice, so I think it’s worth it!

Back in May, the Sockamania KAL sock pattern was a beautiful cable and lace pattern. I cast on and struggled through it. I knit the foot and when I got to the leg, where I would have had to knit the cables all the way around the leg, I just couln’t do it! So I found an alternate solution to my problem and finished the sock that way.

The sock came out beautiful, the cables and the lace is really gorgeous together and I’m really pleased with the way it fits too. Even DH thought they looked really cool!

Sockamania Celebrations sock #1

I did knit the sock on the short side, again to avoid the cables, but then again, most of my socks are on the short side.

Sockamania Celebrations sock #1

In this picture you can see a little bit of my modification, there on the left…

After knitting the heel, I decided to only knit the lace pattern on the back of the leg and not knit the cables at all.

Back of leg is same pattern as front minus the cables

I do really like how it looks, what do you think?

So this is what I wanted to do; (and after seeing Bellamoden’s post today about her beautiful mistmatched Koigu socks I don’t feel so bad) I would like to knit the entire sock like the back of the first sock, only the lace part, without cables. I would be fine with wearing mistmatched socks, and I would get a finished pair sooner than if I waited until I had the patience to knit a sock full of cables!

Are you for or against? I’d love to have your opinion on the subject of wearing mistmatched socks.

Having fun with Polyvore

25 08 2008

Just playing around with this site, Polyvore, I found linked over at the really cool blog Creature Comforts. You can create all sorts of collages with images from the website from clothing and accessories to furniture. This is what I came up with on my first try! You don’t have to sign up to play with it but you need to to be able to save your creations. Sign ups are free so I don’t see why not!

Have fun! I know I’ll be playing some more!

Newport, RI – Cliff Walk

24 08 2008

A few days ago, after reading Javajem‘s post about the Cliff Walk, I was inspired to go there and enjoy the beautiful weather that we were having.

After a quick picnic along the harbor we parked the car at the Easton Beach and headed to the the Cliff Walk. The Cliff Walk takes you along the shore, on a path between the ocean and the beautiful mansions along the coast.

The Breakers is one of the grandest mansions there next to Salve Regina University.

Newport, RI Cliff Walk

Here are some additional pictures I took along our walk:

Newport, RI Cliff Walk

Newport, RI Cliff Walk

Newport, RI Cliff Walk

Newport, RI Cliff Walk

Newport, RI Cliff Walk

If you are interested, you can see the rest of my photos on my Flickr account.


If you’re reading my blog through a reader, come check out the new look!

Knitting on hold

22 08 2008

What a pain in the wrist!

What a pain in the wrist

I can’t knit! So my Country Kiddie, that’s so close to being done (only a few rows more) is going to have to wait a few days for my wrist to stop hurting.

Country Kiddie

I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome, at least not yet, and I’d rather it stayed that way, so I’m trying to spare it if I can. I’m hoping the brace will help!

As an afterthought…

19 08 2008

I don’t have any building architecture for you today, but I do have some knitting architecture, sock architecture to be precise.

A sock is made of various parts, toe, foot, heel, leg and cuff. These parts can vary from one pair to the next. Some socks have ribbed cuffs or picot cuffs, some have wedge toes or star toes. Some have heel flaps and some have short-row heels. You usually work the heel after working the leg or the foot, that’s standard architecture, just like you would paint the walls after putting the sheet rock up and before putting picture frames up. But sometimes you can play switcheroo and do things in a different order! And that’s what I did with this sock.

These colors are a blast!

I’ve been pretty lucky in the past with my self-striping socks and never had too much trouble with the stripes when I did my short-row heels, but this time I wanted to try something new, the afterthought heel. So I cast on for my toe, then knit the foot, then knit the leg and the cuff. I think I forgot my heel! No, I didn’t forget my heel, I knit in a piece of scrap yarn where I wanted my heel to be like in these instructions. You could very well do an afterthought heel after forgetting the heel for real, you’d just have to pick up stitches and actually cut the main yarn, but I’m not quite that daring.

Sock with no heel
See the blue yarn between the turquoise and the orange?

After getting far enough into the leg I needed to try on the sock for fit and length, which you can’t really do when you sock is just one plain tube. So I proceeded to put the heel back on needles and removed the scrap yarn.

Look! No Heel!

After finishing the leg and the cuff (which actually fit to my greatest surprise) I went on to start knitting on my heel. I had to pick up quite a few stitches to make sure that the joints were solid enough. I managed a fairly nice joint on one size but not so nice on the other.

Gaping hole where the heel will be

Then I just decreased like if I was doing a regular wedge toe. I ended up decreasing to fewer stitches than if I was doing a regular short-row heel but it fits quite well. Of course, since I had a toe (heel) to knit I also had a toe (heel) to kitchener. Which means that I had to get my trusty instructions out… I mostly do toe-ups so I kitchener very rarely.

Time to kitchener the heel

After kitchenering and weaving in my ends (2 more than a regular toe-up or top-down sock because of the heel) I had a finished sock!

My new colorful socks with afterthought heel

Closeup on the heel

Cute Afterthought heel

After my first experience of doing an afterthought heel these are my conclusions:

  • It could be difficult gauging exactly where to put the scrap yarn, I think I just got lucky
  • You have 2 more ends to weave in
  • The joints can be tricky to get to look nice
  • You have to kitchener
  • The heels look nice and stripy and don’t interrupt the stripe sequence.
  • Would I do it again? Not sure, maybe only if I were sure the stripe sequence was going to be totally out of whack with a regular short row heel.

If you want a cool sock architecture, I would suggest trying this one out, the Houdini Socks by Cat Bordhi on the new Twist Collective. Now that’s really cool, an afterthought leg!

Views from Weirs Beach, New Hampshire

18 08 2008

Since I didn’t take any pictures while in the Adirondacks 2 weeks ago, I made sure to take a bunch this weekend in Weirs Beach, NH.

Crazy cool architectural details

Fancy scroll work

Make sure to click on the picture to get to the bigger size

View on Lake Winnepesaukee

Lake Winnepesaukee NH

Lovely colors

Plant leaves

Funny looking arcade game

Big Bertha

There are both of yarn store and a quilting store in Weirs Beach although I didn’t learn about the yarn store until it was already past closing time. I did manage to buy a couple fat quarters at “The Quilted Frog” though.