WIP Wednesday

13 08 2008

I’m back from vacation. Our stay in the Adirondacks was fun. There was rafting, hiking, visiting and a bit of shopping too. Although I did take my camera with me I didn’t end up taking any pictures. So you’ll have to make do with pictures of my knitting!

The evening before we took off I cast on for a new project… I am afraid that I am suffering from castonitis, hopefully it wont last too long!

This new project is Pixie Purls’ Country Kiddie in Jojoland Melody Superwash in the colorway 18.

Country Kiddie by Pixie Purls

I really love this cute pattern and will be making more of them. It is written for sock yarn and would look great in almost any yarn. I just have one ball of the Melody so I’m hoping that it will be enough to make a short top.

If I hadn’t worked so much on this little top I would probably be much further along on my Marigolds. They’re just waiting for a heel now.

Marigold ready for a heel

I did work quite a bit on my Vesper self-striping sock though and am now much further than this:

Clown sock ready for a heel

The sock now looks like a long tube as I will be knitting an afterthought heel on it. I hope it works out!

I did not work on my Tipsy Socks at all so they look exactly like they did before I left.

And I won’t even mention my 4 other single socks…

Another big WIP is my 1930’s Pinwheel quilt top. It was sandwiched together the day before I left and I tried my hand at hand-quilting while on vacation. I didn’t get very far on it but I hope to be able to work a bit on it every week.

Sandwiched and ready to go!

Maybe I will have it done in 2015!



6 responses

13 08 2008

Your vacation sounds like you had a great time but I will miss seeing pictures. The quilt looks great and quilting it by hand. Wow!

13 08 2008

I never thought of quilts traveling – how does that work?

13 08 2008

Glad you had fun! That top is going to be really cool.

13 08 2008

Lots of pretty WIPs! That quilt is going to be amazing!

13 08 2008

Your vacation sounds like fun. I’m always hauling my camera with me and then forgetting to take pictures. That top is going to be cute!

16 08 2008

your quilt is beautiful! I love that pattern. The top looks cute, lovely colors

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