There is progress

3 09 2008

Just  a quick post to show you my two current WIPs:

The first one is the Marigold socks, sock #1. I knit the heel and am now on the leg. It should go pretty fast from there. Each repeat goes quite fast and is fun to knit. The yarn, Madelinetosh Sock in Chamomile is a pleasure to knit with and even DH thought the color was awesome!

Marigolds sock#1 past the heel

My second WIP is the Stacked Eyelet Cowl in Marisol Yarn Chirapa in Crystal Ocean. I had a few colorways to pick from and couldn’t make up my mind. I always show DH and ask him which he likes best and he picked that colorway. Blue’s not my usual color so I said “why not”! This cowl is one that’s been in my queue for a little bit. And it’s perfect for the Chirapa. I’m knitting it on a bigger size than recommended (my 5s are busy elsewhere, I’m not sure) so I cast on for 10 less stitches than the pattern recommended. I’m quite pleased with the size, this cowl is not going to be too big like the Silk Garden Sock cowl I finished a while ago. (Ravelry details)

Stacked Eyelet Cowl



8 responses

3 09 2008

Nice looking sock there! I need to get better at my SRH, I mean the part where you start knitting on the instep after you finish, yours are so nice! I like how the Marisol yarn is knitting up in the cowl. I often have to fiddle with needles due to them being occupied LOL.

4 09 2008

Oh, I really like the colorway you’re using for the cowl!

4 09 2008

That Marigold sock looks lovely – maybe I’ll give that a go!!

4 09 2008

I’m with Zonda – that’s a gorgeous short row heel. I think I’ve told you already how much I like that color.

4 09 2008

Your Marigold sock is gorgeous. I love the color! I’m very into yellow these days. I’ve always like it, it just seems that I’m gravitating to it more than usual. For instance, we’re buying new furniture for our living room and I picked yellow for the couches. It’s a sophisticated yellow (in my opinion) and the room needs some color. Your cowl is looking great too!

5 09 2008

I love your Marigold socks, I think they are my new favorite.

6 09 2008

I just wound some Madelinetosh for some marigolds. your’s are coming along nicely.

17 09 2008

The marigold certainly is an awesome color. So happy and warm.

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