Big project ahead!

11 09 2008

It’s been over a year since my last big project, and I think it’s time for a new one. A few weeks ago I received an email from Berocco advertising their latest booklet by Norah Gaughan, Woodland Gothic. I liked quite a few of the patterns but didn’t much more of it. Last Monday, I saw it again for real at the Iron Horse Farm store where Debbie was having an anniversary sale. After browsing through the patterns I fell in love with 4 patterns in the booklet and decided that Woodland Gothic was going home with me!

Woodland Gothic

My 4 favorites are Eastlake, Loppem, Assemblage and Calvert.

Norah Gaughan Calvert

Calvert is the one I will be knitting first, Loppem probably next. I even picked the yarn I wanted to use for it, except I can’t decide which color…

Which color to pick for Calvert

The yarn I can use is either Sublime extra fine merino dk or Sublime cashmere merino silk dk, in one of these 4 colors. My favorites are the grey and the darker pink, but the yellow could be really pretty too I think. What’s your favorite?

4 pretty colors

Click on the photo to see notes about the name of each colorway.

Now, even though I’d love to wear this sweater to Rhinebeck, I know it’s not going to happen. But maybe I’ll have a nice new sweater to wear at Christmas!



5 responses

12 09 2008

My favorite is the yellow. The gray is a close second though.

12 09 2008

So jealous of your pretty yarn!

12 09 2008

Heh, I can’t give color suggestions. I’m thinking it’d look great in black. 😉

13 09 2008
Amanda Cathleen

silver! It would be beautiful in silver.
I was wondering what was up with your mad queuing yesterday… I’m in love with the same patterns from that book too!

14 09 2008

They’re all pretty. I like the yellow, but you should go with the color you’re drawn to and think you’ll wear the most. Since pink is your favorite color, it seems like the best choice. 🙂

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