Random Monday

22 09 2008


I tried a new free pattern I found over at Show Your Workings. It is a pattern for the Japanese knot bag. I ended up sewing up two bags because I wasn’t sure I’d understood everything properly the first time around. I still haven’t quite figured out what to do with the handles but here’s the second bag I made.

Japanese knot bag - try #2

The bag is reversible and you can see the other side here. The first bag was made with a Japanese print and you can see it here and here.


This weekend, DH and I went to stART on the Street in Worcester. My friend Karen from Simply June had a booth there. I just had to purchase this cute little pouch, especially since this button came with it!

Stitched mushroom button


Also this weekend, I hiked up Mt Monadnock, NH. It was quite the hike and I have to say that I am quite sore. The view from the top was really awesome and well worth the hardship to make it there.


You can see a lot more pictures in this Flickr set. I managed to knit a couple rows on my Knitterly Things stripy sock and you can see that I’m wearing my finished Stacked Eyelet Cowl.


I just had to. I couldn’t resist. We just got in this new yarn for the store and I had to have some. And I had to cast on, right away… The yarn is K1C2 Ty-Dy Socks and the colors were screaming my name. So I guess I have yet another sock on the needles and I have absolutely no will-power!

Ty-Dy sock!

BTW, before anyone freaks out, this is not my foot but a plastic foot model that was a bit too small,  I added tape to make it bigger, which is why you can see tape on the foot.



7 responses

22 09 2008

I adore the fabric that you used for that bag! Owls are just too sweet! I saw a back very similar on Martha Stewart http://www.marthastewart.com/article/reversible-purse?autonomy_kw=sewing%20bag&rsc=header_25
love that sweet little mushroom button, and I can see why you had to cast on for those socks, great colors!

22 09 2008

Your bag looks great, and that little pouch is so cute. Wow hiking I would be sore too! But what a great view to knit at.
Its so hard to say “no” to sock yarn.

22 09 2008

I’m very proud of you for making it all the way up to the top of the mountain. It was tough!

22 09 2008

Seriously? I am buying some of that yarn – RIGHT NOW! Also, dangerously cute bag.

22 09 2008

maybe you shoul dlook over at martha stewert she made the same bag as a beginning sewing project for her staff. And when they did it on tv it looked easy and the directions are not strange and it’s the same bag and reversible

24 09 2008

The bag you knit is really cute – as is the one you purchased. And that new sock yarn – even I like that color. 😉

25 09 2008

Those bags are super cute. And I love the color of that sock yarn. I wouldn’t have been able to resist it either. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. 🙂

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