Sock Meme

26 09 2008

When did you first learn to knit socks? My first pair of socks was in May 2006, I had just started knitting a few months earlier and socks was a normal progression for me. I went from knitting scarves to knitting socks.

What’s the first sock you ever knit? My first sock was a plain stockinette sock with heel flap knit out of Sisu sock yarn. They fit me really wear and are still holding strong.

My first pair of socks (May 06)

Favorite Sock Pattern? My favorite pattern is a turkish cast on, magic loop, toe-up, short row heel and plain stockinette. That’s my go to pattern. I don’t need any instructions and could cast on anywhere. I will go top-down only if really necessary and if I want to do a picot cuff. Also, I will avoid heel flaps at all cost.

Yarntini Home plain stockinette sock

Favorite needle method? Magic Loop all the way, I hate dpns!

Favorite sock needles? I quite like my Inox because the cables don’t kink up, but the join between the needle and the cable is not very smooth and my Addis because the join is so smooth but they kink up really badly. I would like to try the Knit Picks circulars.

Who do you knit socks for? Mostly myself, it’s the easiest. If my count is correct I’ve knit 33 pairs of socks since May 2006 plus 7 singles. Only one of these pairs went to DH. 7 of the remainder were for swaps, given to my mom or a friend. So I guess I own 25 pairs of socks.

Monkey socks

What is on your sock knitting to-do list? Knit the mates to my 6 singles, plus finish the 1 single that’s on the needles now. I have a good head start one one of these plus the beginnings of another matching sock. I want to knit a pair of Monkeys for myself (these above were for a swap) and there are tons of sock patterns I want to try. But I’ve been knitting socks pretty much non-stop since May 2006 so my goal now is to find patterns other than socks to knit with sock yarn.

Ty-Dy sock

What kind of socks do you like to knit-

Striped? Yes, got lots of those!
Colorwork? Not yet, but I’d love to try these
Plain Stockinette? Oh yes, mostly
Cabled? I’ve done some of those. But if there are too many cables I go crazy
Lace? I like those too
Anklets? Nope, what’s the point!
Knee Socks? I doubt it, but there are some pretty knee socks out there. But I don’t think I’d have the patience.
Solid colors? Semi-solids rather than solids
Bright and crazy? Sure! I like to have something fun to wear, especially like those below!
Faux Fair Isle? Maybe

80s Punk Rock socks




3 responses

26 09 2008

Ok, I’m stuck on the bit where you’ve only been knitting for a bit over 2 years – I would’ve guessed many more years of experience! 🙂

29 09 2008

I can’t believe you’ve only knitted for a little over two years. I started socks about a year after I had learned to knit but it was a christmas sock which made it alot easier to learn.

30 09 2008

Wow! We’re the exact opposite sock knitters! I’m a top-down, dpns, heel flap girl. I completely agree about the stocking stitch plain socks though. And I love self-striping, patterned yarns now.

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