Getting ready for Rhinebeck

17 10 2008

Am I ready yet?

New shoes – check

New shoes

Dansko Marcelle Cabrio

New shirt – almost, still got to iron on the logo

Iron on

New business cards – check

Business cards

Cute buttons to give out – check


Knitting – check


Good friend to go with – check

I’m really looking forward to going to Rhinebeck this year. I don’t really have plans for any purchase, maybe a shawl pin and some sock yarn of course. I’ll be giving out some of our really cute new buttons so if you see me, come and ask me for one. See you there!



9 responses

17 10 2008

Cute shirt and shoes! Have a good time and wish I was there.

17 10 2008

Yup. looks like you’re all set. I’ve still got to sew the buttons on my sweater, write down meet-up locations and times, and maybe print the map and my Rav-Queue. And getting to bed early is a must!!! I’ll keep an eye out for you tomorrow!!

17 10 2008

Hurrah! Looks like I’ll be the first to get a button!

17 10 2008

Have fun!!!

17 10 2008

Hand knit socks – check!

Have a grand time. Perhaps next year for me – sigh…….

17 10 2008

Cute shoes! Have fun!

18 10 2008

Super cute shoes!

19 10 2008

Bring back some great ideas for us (and pretty fiber pictures!)

19 10 2008

Those shoes are the best! Comfy, barely show wear & they look great with handknit socks.

(ahh… I have three pairs of them! 🙂

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