Rhinebeck recap

19 10 2008

The drive up to Rhinebeck was pretty uneventful, except for some cows crossing the road and lots of trafic just before arriving to the fairgrounds. Even though I wasn’t really planning to get any Socks that Rocks, my friend Carol wanted some so we first headed to their booth. Carol and I made a few selections and then headed for the line. We had to wait about 30 minutes before we were able to pay and in the mean time our selections ended up changing entirely. I ended up purchasing 2 mill ends skeins, one in Silkie and one medium weight.

Sock yarn Rhinebeck purchases

STR Silkie in Lover’s Leap, STR medium weight in Oregon Honey Clover and on the right, Holiday Yarns FlockSock sock yarn in Yarn Fairy

After a successful STR purchase we made our way to the Ravelry meet up where we were witness to some acrobatics on the part of some Ravelry staff to be able to take a group picture.

How to take a photo of a crowd by Ravelry

Later, we met Franklin at his book signing.


We also met Mason-Dixon’s Ann and Kay and we admired their beautiful Belinda scarves.

Carol with Mason-Dixon's Kay & Ann

I bought more yarn, see sock yarn above on the right, and single skeins for a hat and cowl project.

Non-sock yarn Rhinebeck purchases

On left Northern Lights Yarn (mohair, kid mohair and rambouillet blend) and on right Alpaca with a Twist Highlander a baby alpaca, merino, microfiber and viscose blend)

I didn’t end up buying either a shawl pin or buttons for my Calvert (I totally forgot about it and didn’t bring my swatch to match buttons) but I guess I did buy sock yarn!

After a full afternoon of wooly fun/fumes, we went to the Ravelry party for a bit of fun and had a chance to meet and chat with friends. Sadly, we had to leave early and we missed the prize drawings and more times to spend with friends. But I’ll make sure to be there next year!



12 responses

19 10 2008

Hee hee – gosh, that Lover’s Leap is a big color departure for you. :p

19 10 2008

I am so jealous! That sounds like such a good time. Even though it’s a long way from Oklahoma, I may just have to plan a trip one of these years.

19 10 2008

Now Chris shouldn’t be teasing you about your color choices! (Ms. Purple & Black!)

It sounds like a great trip! I just bought some of the Oregon Honey Clover myself! I love the hint of red in it.

19 10 2008

I was so sad I didn’t get to see you! Amanda said she saw you in the STR line, but when I got there, you were not around. I did not feel well AT ALL, so I ended up going home at around 1.

20 10 2008

Your photos are so good! I should have had you take photos of Linden for me. I never got one to update Ravelry and have to do it myself today.

20 10 2008

Good stuff! Yeah – What Guinifer said about Chris!!

20 10 2008

The yarn looks great I wish I was there, maybe next year!!!!

20 10 2008

Great yarn choices!! It was fun to see you on Saturday and thanks for the button – I wore it all day. You’ll see it on my sweater when I post my Rhinebeck pics. I was hoping to get them up today, but I’m sick, so we’ll see if I work up the energy.

21 10 2008

You got some really nice new yarns! Sorry our paths didn’t cross!

21 10 2008

Nice yarns! I’m sorry we didn’t meet up :o(

22 10 2008

I’m sorry I missed you, but we were there for only a short time on Sunday. Beautiful yarns! Pink is always best. 🙂

24 10 2008

beautiful yarns that you brought home, they are even more beautiful in person! It was great to see you and meet Carole. I was going to bring one of the sleeves I finished on my Rhinebeck sweater so I could find some wood buttons for it, but totally forgot it!

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