Socktober Recap

3 11 2008

I really wanted to have a successful Socktober this year, I was planning to finish a few pair of socks, post a few times about it, etc. Instead I’ve got almost nothing to show for it… And on top of that it’s November, not even October anymore!

I ended up starting and finishing only one single sock during the month of October, the Pomatomus in Dream in Color Blue Lagoon. I finished it a few days ago, and I’m quite proud of it! I had been wanting to knit this pattern ever since I started knitting socks but always thought that it was so difficult I’d never be able to knit it. Also, I didn’t think that a sock with 72 stitches around would ever fit me so I never got around to trying it until now. A couple weeks ago I decided that the Blue Lagoon had to become a pair of Pomatomus and I cast on. Of course, I modified the pattern and started it toe up. And, after knitting on whole Pomatomus, I have to say that it was quite easy, relatively speaking. I haven’t done as much tinking on a sock I have on this particular sock but overall, it’s just plain ribbing, with a couple yarn overs and decreases here and there… Anyways, here’s a not so great picture until I can get better ones!

Finished Pomatomus Sock #1

The sock fits perfectly, even with a lot more stitches than my usual stitch count and I can’t wait to have both socks knitted up! I think they’ll look quite good with my new Danskos!

I also finished a pair of socks, the stripey Vesper socks with afterthought heel. I really tried to finish it by October 31, but instead I finished them on November 1st.

Finished Lovely Lollipop Sky socks

I wore them yesterday already and they’re quite comfy. I was afraid that the heel would feel a bit weird but not at all, it doesn’t feel any different.

I really wanted to finish my Snowflake Lace socks before I left for Stitches but as of November 3rd I admit defeat but I am 2 repeats and 1 ribbing away from completion, and once I come back from Stitches, they’ll be done in no time and I’ll have another pair to wear!

Here’s the last picture I took of the pair:

Snowflake Lace socks

To Stitches I’ll be bringing the mate to my Twisted Tweed sock and I’ll possibly wind up another skein for a plain stockinette sock to work on while manning the booth. But I think that if I were to run out it shouldn’t be too hard to find more sock yarn to knit!

I will be back next week with hopefully lots of pictures of Stitches!




3 responses

3 11 2008

But your single sock is lovely! And you finished a lot more than did I during Socktober – it was the first month in which I didn’t finish any socks this year.

4 11 2008

Have a great time at Stitches!!!

4 11 2008

The socks look great! I did get one pair done in October and I think thats pretty good!

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