WIP Wednesday

12 11 2008

Quick, before Wednesday’s over!

Here are my projects currently on the needles:

First are my Twisted Tweed socks out of Yarn Lust BFL in Tiffany. I started those back in June so it’s their time to be finished.

Twisted Tweed socks

I’m making good progress on my Calvert sweater, in a couple inches I should be able to start working on the cabled panel. I’m really looking forward to something else than plain stockinette! Here you can see it with the antler buttons I purchased I Stitches East for it.

Calvert with buttons

The last project is one I mentioned last night, something I just could not resist. I cast on for my Celtic Vest and have made a bit of progress on it. I’m knitting it on 11s so it’s going super fast!

Celtic Vest

My hands are wanting to cast on a million other projects but I really want to finish those I have going on now (including knitting the mates to 5 single socks) so I’ll try to be good! No guarantees though! : )




3 responses

13 11 2008

It’s good you’re not making a guarantee – that’d doom you for sure! 🙂

13 11 2008

I seem to have the same cast on issues right now. What to do?

17 11 2008

ooooooo love those buttons! how ever did i miss them?

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