B’s on Monday

17 11 2008

Banana Bread

Banana Bread

New Books


Box Bags for sale*

Box bags for sale

Back of Celtic Vest


Bindingless but quilted


Boatload of yarn to photo

Boatload of yarn to photo

* Measurements: 7″ long x4.5″ high x3.5″ wide, $20 each plus $2 shipping to US address. Let me know in the comments if one of these interests you or if you have any questions!




7 responses

17 11 2008

The bread looks good! Love the quilt and you know I love your bags!!!!

17 11 2008

It’s hard to type while eating the banana bread. Oh, I just dropped a crumb. So delicious!

You should tell everyone how you made one with chocolate chips and one without, and your DH is not allowed to touch the one with chocolate chips until the first one is eaten. It’s like Abu Ghraib!

17 11 2008

B is also for Busy!

17 11 2008

I seriously love that brown/red bag! Very cute fabric.

Better to be Busy!

17 11 2008

mmmmm, banana bread! love the quilt top, and srsly the bag I purchased from you is my new fav bag. Perfect size and so well made!
wowsa, you are flying on that celtic vest! All this talk of vests and I want to start one now!

17 11 2008

Such a pretty quilt – I love the two colors together – so sunny and happy!

You guys would be lucky to have one of her BEAUTIFUL box bags – they are wonderfully made and I am using mine right now to hold my latest scarf project. Love it! =)

3 12 2008

wow, those bags you took pics of in your flickr stream are AMAZING! what are the different prices for the small vs. large bags? is there a place where you have info on the dimensions too? thanks so much! (i came here via knitty gritty thoughts).
:o) ek.

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