Things that make me happy Friday

21 11 2008

New “knitted” mug from Starbucks*

Knitted mug from Starbucks

3 quinces

3 quinces

2 persimmons

2 persimmons

New Anthropologie scarf

New Anthropologie scarf

My Spare Change Swap squares

Spare Change swap squares

Clean socks

Clean socks

Anthopologie’s Christmas gift wrappings

Anthropologie Christmas wrappings

What makes you happy this Friday?

* If I had more money, I would have bought my knitware mug from the original, Alyssa Ettinger.




5 responses

21 11 2008

Oh, I didn’t know about Alyssa Ettinger! Lovely… but I see what you mean about the $$$.

*sigh* I need to wash wool socks this weekend…

That fact that it’s Friday makes me happy today. 🙂

21 11 2008

Oops! The new bag I’m getting from you that I forgot to send the paypal money for!!!! Sending it this morning!

Quince, huh?

21 11 2008

1. beautiful mug!
2. Quince?
3. love the scarf! I bet it looks great on you
4. great squares
5. That is one impressive pile of clean socks!

22 11 2008

All your photos are making me happy! Thanks for sharing. I especially love your spare change squares.

24 11 2008

I need that mug, I must go to starbuck now!!

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