12 months / 12 pairs of socks

1 12 2008

Since I started knitting socks I had this goal to try to finish a pair of socks per month. 2008 was no different and on the last day of November I finished my twelvth pair of socks.

Last night I wove in the ends to the second Twisted Tweed sock and now have a completed pair.

Twisted Tweed socks - Done

Isn’t it funny how both socks spiraled identically but that the width of the blue stripe is wider in the sock on the right?

I knit the pattern like my usual, toe-up with a short-row heel and I used Yarn Lust BFL sock in Tiffany. The socks are a bit big so I’m going to see if they fit my mom, who is the lucky recipient to all my too big socks, I do hope they fit her! Ravelry details here.

12 months / 12 pairs

January Charades

Finished Charades

February Firestarters

Firestarter socks

March Ripples

Finished Ripples socks

April Red Dwarf 1 and 2 & On the Run

Schaefer Lola Red Dwarf socks

Red Dwarf socks - a bit big on my feet

Finished New Year socks from Sockamania KAL

May Simply Cables

Sockamania Simply Cables socks

July Kureyon Sock

Finished Noro Kureyon Socks

September Tipsy

Tipsy Socks

November Lollipop Sky, Snowflake Lace and Twisted Tweed

Finished Lovely Lollipop Sky socks

Finished Snowflake Lace socks

Twisted Tweed socks - Done

Now the question is… which sock am I going to knit next!




10 responses

1 12 2008

Wow! That’s amazing. I’m impressed with anyone who can knit that many socks! Way to go.

1 12 2008

Ooo. I could do a month-by-month recap!

1 12 2008

Congrats! Lovely socks there!

1 12 2008

What an accomplishment, and with your sewing and quilting projects too! You craft very quickly!

P.S. I love your anthropologie scarf in the previous post.

2 12 2008

Wow! Thats great, I was going to try it for 2009 but then I found this great book of Christmas sock patterns so will they count???

2 12 2008

Congrats! I wanted to do 12 pair in 2008 too but I’m just not a sock knitter. Or focussed.

3 12 2008

those are some fabulous socks!

10 12 2008

wow, fab socks. You’ll have warm, toasty feet this winter.

11 12 2008

Holy-schmoley! That is impressive. Kudos to you. Beautiful socks! I know you have very happy feet. 🙂

13 12 2008

12 Beauties!

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