Trip to Québec

8 12 2008

(To the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas)

On our trip to Québec there was:

  • 12 moose

Yes, 12. I’d never seen a moose before that and it was a real treat to see so many. We had to be really careful driving because it was night time and with all the moose on the side of the road we didn’t want to risk hitting one. Because it was night time I didn’t get to take a picture and on our way back we didn’t see any. Maybe next time!

  • 11, 10, 9° F, temperatures in the mountains of Maine as we were driving up
  • Only 8 rows knit on my Herringbone Rib sock
  • 7 long hours of driving (each way)
  • 6 family members

We spent the weekend with my parents, my brother, his girlfriend and my two lovely nieces.

  • 5 inches knit on my sock yarn square
  • 4, the birthday my niece Naomi celebrated
  • 3 skeins of sock yarn

Sundara Artist Choice - Cools

I picked these up at the post office as we were leaving, so they kind of count, right! This is the yarn I received for the Sundara Artist’s Choice sock club.

  • 2 turkeys crossing the road
  • 1 fabric store

The Fabric Garden, really nice quilting shop, much bigger than my LQS. I made a few purchases…
From The Fabric Garden, Madison ME


This is for Abigail: you mentioned in my last post being interested in one of my box bags, please check your spam folder if you’re still interested!




6 responses

8 12 2008

great song! Glad to hear that you had a good trip, lovely new yarns and pretty new fabrics

9 12 2008

I’m so jealous of seeing the moose! I wanted to see one when I was in Maine. I like those new fabrics. For a quilt or more bags?

9 12 2008

Sounds like a great trip, moose are my favorite. They are so big and cute but not very nice. I love the yarn and fabric!

9 12 2008

There was an article in our paper this morning about the disappearing Moose population in Minnesota. Turns out our weather has warmed up too much for them.

Do you have a lot of family in Quebec? My Grandfather on my dad’s side was born in Quebec. His name was Andre Boisvert. Son #2 is actually named after him, but we Americanized.

9 12 2008

Twelve moose?! Wow! Lovely Sundara yarn there.

10 12 2008

Green with envy over 12 Moose! I LOVE MOOSE!

Chris sent me your way not only for the moose (12?!? Really, wow!) but also for your very awesome box bags. I am in the process of eliminating plastic bags from my life & that means I need bags for all the knitting I haven’t been doing. Would love to know what bags you still have available from those that you showed on your last post.

12 – wow!

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