WIP Wednesday

28 01 2009

Time to come clean with my WIPs!

I’m making good progress on my Calvert Cardigan. I’ve completed one sleeve and am making headway on the second sleeve.


After that comes the hardest part, the assembly and the bands… I’m not really looking forward to that part. I think I’ve made my life harder by slipping the edge stitches, especially since I’m supposed to pick up stitches all along the edge for the bands. Anyone have any advice as to what will make my life easier?

Also on my needles are no less than 3 socks. I can’t say I’ve knit on 2 of them for a while but one of them at least is progressing. Forgive me the overexposed photo but it’s mighty hard getting good pictures at night!

WIP Wednesday socks

From left: one sock I just started last weekend, out of Tricoquelicot Laine Claude II in the Spring Forward pattern. The middle sock is sock #2 of the Rococo socks. The one on the right is my Herringbone sock, which has the hardest pattern for me to remember if I’ve put it down for more than a few days. I’m really hoping to get at least the heel done by the weekend, and maybe after that I can pick up one of the other Rococo again. As it is, I wont have a finished pair in January!

So that’s what i have on the needles currently, but that’s not counting all the single socks still waiting for a mate.


Before / After

26 01 2009

I’m really lucky to have a craft room/studio all to myself. It’s really a small extension to the living room, an unheated three-season room. But it’s my own and has enough room for all my crafty stuff.

On one side of the room I have a closet with my yarn stash and most of my fabrics and a dresser with more fabrics. On the other side of the room I have a large table where you’ll find my sewing machine, a cutting mat and my sewing project in some type of order or disorder.

I took a couple pictures of the mess about a week ago and was determined to work on it to make it tidier.

Way too messy, I really need to clean that up!

If you click on each picture you’ll see the notes I’ve added.

Way too messy, I really need to clean that up!

There pants that need to be hemmed, fabrics that need to be pre-washed, quilts in various stages, box bags in progress and other projects as well.

Since I took these pictures I made an effort to get some of these projects done and over with. I’ve hemmed my  2 pairs of pants, pre-washed all my fabrics and made some progress on my box bags.

I made some progress

As of this afternoon all that is left on my sewing tables are 14 box bags that need to be finished and my quilts in progress. Those will get their turn once I’m done with my current batch of box bags.

What does your craft / yarn room look like? Is it messy like mine, or nice and tidy like I wish mine was?

Variation on Toasty

20 01 2009

or my first FO of 2009!

In my last post I showed you the beginning of a Toasty/Toast mitt. Now I can show you a finished pair of mitts, not really Toasty nor Toast.

Pair of mitts!

As you might have noticed I decided to go with the gussets, I’d never made one before and thought that maybe they’d fit better that way. I also added a ribbing at the top.

These changes were brought about by the Raspberry Mitts pattern I found on someone’s blog, [Ravelry Link]. I followed the instructions for the gusset as well as for the top of the mitt adjusting the numbers for my stitch count and gauge.

Mitt #1

I only knit for 5.5″ before starting the thumb gusset as opposed the the 7.5″ in the Toasty pattern, the bottom of the mitt wouldn’t have made it quite that far up my forearm. As it is it’s a bit tight if pulled all the way up on the arm.

Mitt #1

I have quite a bit of yarn left and I’m thinking I might knit a matching headband, although I’d prefer a matching cowl but I don’t think I have quite enough yarn for that.

It took me really little time to knit the pair and I could easily imagine knitting a pair in every color imaginable! Maybe I’ll knit a plain Toast next time.

Now I can get back to my sweater and my bags!


13 01 2009

Have you heard about the NaKnitMitMo KAL yet?  The group was created off of a crazy idea my friend Carol had. She wanted to knit mittens in January and get other people to do the same. It started on her blog and before she knew it it grew into a Ravelry group with over 300 members. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to do so!

I’ve been wanting to knit mittens and mitts and thought this would be the perfect excuse to knit distract myself with from my current projects with a pair of mitts. I picked something really easy, so as not to require too much attention. The pattern is Toast/ Toasty from A Friend to Knit With. It’s a plain tube with a thumb in the Toasty version. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do a thumb yet, although I probably will. I really like Dogged Knits’ version with a gusset thumb, so I’ll probably do it like that if I do a thumbed version.

I picked a slightly thinner yarn than the recommended yarn, Madelinetosh Tosh Worsted in Tern. It’s a beautiful silver gray that is coming out beautiful in plain stockinette.

Hand wound

I wanted to cast on so badly that I hand wound the yarn in the car on my way to Webs over the weekend. After a false start I ended up casting on 40 stitches and now it is smooth sailing. At least until I reach the thumb!

Toasty arm warmer

I’m halfway done the first one already, although I would be further along if I had been able to knit even a stitch yesterday or today. But I have a long weekend coming up so maybe I’ll be able to finish one mitt : )

Oh yeah, you might be curious to know what I bought at  Webs. I hope you won’t be too disappointed but I was very, very good.  I was going to buy a skein of this yarn I’ve been wanting to get my hands on; Rio de la Plata Merino sock and a pattern. I thought the particular skein (sp38) I wanted was on sale but when I got to the registers I found out it wasn’t, so I put it back and ended up buying only this pattern:

New pattern

It’s really a beautiful blanket and I hope to knit it one day!


For all my friends who’ve helped by knitting a sock yarn square, please click here to see what we made with it! Thank you again to all of you who’ve knitted a square, Michele was really, really happy and she loves it!

A good mail week

11 01 2009

Last week was a very good week for me regarding what came in the mail. I received quite a few packages with things I’d bought and things I’d traded for.

With some money I’d received at Christmas I placed an Amazon order for some books I wanted:

New books

The “Gnomes” book DH got for me for Christmas but the other two were Amazon purchases. “Rotary Magic” is an awesome book for quilters and the other one, well, I just had to have it!

I also received this really cute camera strap that I bought from splityarn to go with my new camera. I just loved that mushroom print!

splityarn camera strap

I received some fabrics and some really cute wooden buttons from The HeyDay Shop on Etsy. It came really fast all the way from Taiwan!

New fabrics and buttons

Last but not least, an awesome package from Keri. A few weeks ago she decided to trade away some of her knits that she wasn’t going to use. It seems she’s more of a process knitter than a product knitter. In exchange for some yarn, she sent me this beautiful blanket and lace scarf.

From Keri from Knitty Gritty Thoughts

I am a really lucky girl! Keri still has two other beautiful lace scarves up for trade, make sure to check them out!

It really makes me happy to have such wonderful packages, even if I did purchase almost all of them! I wish you all a wonderful mail week too!

WIP Wednesday

7 01 2009

I’ve got 2 big WIPs that are battling for my attention. I would like to have both finished by the end of the month, hopefully I will succeed!

My first WIP is a knitting WIP, my Calvert cardigan.

I’ve knitted the fronts and both back pieces, you can see them below blocking on my new blocking board.

Calvert pieces blocking

I’ve also started working on sleeve #1. I’ve only 12″ to go before the sleeve cap so it shouldn’t take too long.

Sleeve #1

After knitting the second sleeve I will have to assemble the pieces together and then knit a band around the fronts and the neck. I’ve already tried fitting the existing pieces together and it looks like it should fit, so I have high hopes for a nice cardigan.

My second major WIP is sewing WIP and made of 23 parts.

12 small box bags

Future box bags - small size

and 11 large box bags

Future box bags - large size

I try to do at least one step a day and I definitely see progress being made.

Tonight I have to decide: will I sew or will I knit?

Let’s not forget all the sewing I did

4 01 2009

In my last post I did a quick recap on what I knit in 2008 but I forgot to show all that I sewed during that year. As you will see, I have a lot more finished sewing projects than I had knitting projects.

Sewing and Quilting FOs of 2008

I sewed 32 box bags, 8 pillow covers, 3 quilts, 2 bags, 1 apron and a few more little pouches and coasters. I feel  more and more comfortable with my sewing machine and I hope that I will learn many more skills in this new year, including making buttonholes!

I made 2 sets of coasters since the beginning of the new year as well, and I finished my pinwheel quilt yesterday. On Friday, I finally decided to tarry no longer and start hand stitching the binding. I worked many hours but by the end of yesterday it was all done! I took the quilt outside this afternoon and got a few pictures.

The first photo I took out in the snow, the colors are a little washed out but you can see it in full. It’s not quite big enough to cover our queen size bed but I think it would fit nicely on a twin size bed.

Pinwheel Quilt in the snow

This one shows truer colors, even if you can’t see the entire quilt.

Pinwheel Quilt

I’m really happy with this quilt. It will make a nice lap blanket in the spring!