WIP Wednesday

7 01 2009

I’ve got 2 big WIPs that are battling for my attention. I would like to have both finished by the end of the month, hopefully I will succeed!

My first WIP is a knitting WIP, my Calvert cardigan.

I’ve knitted the fronts and both back pieces, you can see them below blocking on my new blocking board.

Calvert pieces blocking

I’ve also started working on sleeve #1. I’ve only 12″ to go before the sleeve cap so it shouldn’t take too long.

Sleeve #1

After knitting the second sleeve I will have to assemble the pieces together and then knit a band around the fronts and the neck. I’ve already tried fitting the existing pieces together and it looks like it should fit, so I have high hopes for a nice cardigan.

My second major WIP is sewing WIP and made of 23 parts.

12 small box bags

Future box bags - small size

and 11 large box bags

Future box bags - large size

I try to do at least one step a day and I definitely see progress being made.

Tonight I have to decide: will I sew or will I knit?




7 responses

8 01 2009

Are you a tight knitter or is it my imagination?

8 01 2009

If I was that close to finishing a sweater? I would have knit. I think. Great fabrics BTW

8 01 2009

To sew or to knit? That’s a tough question to answer – especially when all of your projects look so great!

8 01 2009

Wow, you’ve been busy! Most of a sweater and a whole lot of sewing. If it were me, I’d finish off the sweater. We’re supposed to get really cold temps this weekend. Brr!

8 01 2009

You could do both, a little knitting than a little sewing. I still love my little bag!

8 01 2009

Hmm – curious about what the sewing is!

9 01 2009

I too loooove my bag and I see that you will have a gnome one done soon?!
and a cute deer one too? oh no and the grey/yellow/cream fabric has appeared again!! Your bags are so great! (and i love your cute ribbon/label too!)
happy new year! :o) ek.

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