Variation on Toasty

20 01 2009

or my first FO of 2009!

In my last post I showed you the beginning of a Toasty/Toast mitt. Now I can show you a finished pair of mitts, not really Toasty nor Toast.

Pair of mitts!

As you might have noticed I decided to go with the gussets, I’d never made one before and thought that maybe they’d fit better that way. I also added a ribbing at the top.

These changes were brought about by the Raspberry Mitts pattern I found on someone’s blog, [Ravelry Link]. I followed the instructions for the gusset as well as for the top of the mitt adjusting the numbers for my stitch count and gauge.

Mitt #1

I only knit for 5.5″ before starting the thumb gusset as opposed the the 7.5″ in the Toasty pattern, the bottom of the mitt wouldn’t have made it quite that far up my forearm. As it is it’s a bit tight if pulled all the way up on the arm.

Mitt #1

I have quite a bit of yarn left and I’m thinking I might knit a matching headband, although I’d prefer a matching cowl but I don’t think I have quite enough yarn for that.

It took me really little time to knit the pair and I could easily imagine knitting a pair in every color imaginable! Maybe I’ll knit a plain Toast next time.

Now I can get back to my sweater and my bags!




7 responses

21 01 2009

Nice! I do like how thumb gussets fit.

21 01 2009

Those are lovely! Hooray for a quick FO!!!

21 01 2009

Those are pretty sexy!

21 01 2009

Lovely mitts, as I have never done anything but gussets I am not sure how they compare, but I do think gussets fit wonderfully.

23 01 2009

That was fast, they look great!

23 01 2009

Very stylish! They look great.

25 01 2009

Cute mitts! I’m a gusset convert, too.

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