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26 01 2009

I’m really lucky to have a craft room/studio all to myself. It’s really a small extension to the living room, an unheated three-season room. But it’s my own and has enough room for all my crafty stuff.

On one side of the room I have a closet with my yarn stash and most of my fabrics and a dresser with more fabrics. On the other side of the room I have a large table where you’ll find my sewing machine, a cutting mat and my sewing project in some type of order or disorder.

I took a couple pictures of the mess about a week ago and was determined to work on it to make it tidier.

Way too messy, I really need to clean that up!

If you click on each picture you’ll see the notes I’ve added.

Way too messy, I really need to clean that up!

There pants that need to be hemmed, fabrics that need to be pre-washed, quilts in various stages, box bags in progress and other projects as well.

Since I took these pictures I made an effort to get some of these projects done and over with. I’ve hemmed my  2 pairs of pants, pre-washed all my fabrics and made some progress on my box bags.

I made some progress

As of this afternoon all that is left on my sewing tables are 14 box bags that need to be finished and my quilts in progress. Those will get their turn once I’m done with my current batch of box bags.

What does your craft / yarn room look like? Is it messy like mine, or nice and tidy like I wish mine was?




6 responses

26 01 2009

Hmmm, if you eliminate one hobby there’d be a lot more room for this tidiness you speak of…

27 01 2009

My craft room is the sunporch off our dining room. It sounds like it’s even smaller than yours, and also has no heat. It can be found in various states of obsessively organized to a complete shambles, and anywhere in between. Right now it’s been to cold for me to stay out there more than a few minutes, so I just grab what I need or dump what I’m putting in there and get out. 🙂

27 01 2009

I don’t have a craft room – oh, how I envy you! – but I do have a folding table in the middle of my livingroom. (I live alone so I can get away with that.) I can’t work in chaos so if my work table is a mess, I have to clear it off/straighten it up before I can start working. Sadly, I seem to be able to live in chaos since the rest of my condo is a mess. :0

27 01 2009

I have a craft corner. You’d think since there is hardly any there, there, that it would be neat. Nope.

27 01 2009

I don’t have a whole room devoted to craft – it’s sort of crammed in all over the place and it is not tidy.

30 01 2009

I’m really lucky to have such a great craft room. Its over our three car gargage so its pretty large. I should have picture of it on my blog next week!

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